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Dende's Healing


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Date Reviewed - 04.13.06

Justin Cardoza Dende's Healing

I love this card. It gives even more regeneration towards playing a full-on "old-school" Namekian deck.

It's actually rather simple. The card regenerates 5 cards from your discards if you're playing a solid Namekian line-up; and the fact that it only costs a single power stage to play makes it even better, when you have other regneratory cards that either cost more, or regenerate less.

The only downside to this card is that it is a support, which means that it is vulnerable to removal from your opponent. Even so, it's not a huge loss, as you only paid a single stage to play the card, which is why the card has virtually no downsides. =) Well, other than the fact that you have to play Dende....if you consider that a downside.


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