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Date Reviewed - 04.12.06

Justin Cardoza Vegeta

Well, we're back with another week of reviews. This first card here....is definitely odd, and shows that the game mechanics need to be fixed at this point....which should happen next set. I'm talking, or course, about the AT Table and people's power levels.

Vegeta here has a 1Million Power Level at Level 1. That's pretty high, and it's within the "7" range on the AT Table all the time. The problem is, why exactly does Frieza have the same 1Million Power Level at Level 3!? o_O Especially since Frieza's Level 1 should be stronger than Vegeta's Level 3.

As for the card itself, it's really not all that great. You basically have a
2:7 Unpreventable attack. For a Level 1 Personality, that's definitely not too bad whatsoever. It's a solid ratio and it almost ensures that it will do some damage, or make your opponent waste a "stopper" on it.

The card is solid, but it's effect simply isn't versatile enough for me to want to play it with all of those Piccolo decks out there. =\

Overall: 2.8/5

Art: 4.5/5 AWESOME!


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