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Saiyan Battle Armor


Card Ratings
Average Score: 4.55

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 09.29.05

The Box Saiyan Battle Armor

This card I like. This card can cut out a lot of damage
from low power rating personalities and low damage attacks.
It does little to diminish finishers, but a lot of other
attack lose their cost to damage ratio of 1:2, making
players rethink what attacks they play. The only drawback
is it being limit one per deck and the support hate.



Saiyan Battle Armor
Rare - Arrival - #239

(Limit 1 per deck)
2: CONSTANT - All of your opponent's attacks do -1 damage.

On its own, this card is just a jank rare. I wouldn't play it in any form of Straight Saiyan Paid Off crazy beats, however if you put it with Raditz Level 3, you start to get some spastic results. Taking 3 damage away from all of your opponents attacks is a million times better than taking only 2 as it will turn a lot more attacks into 0. Again, let me reiterate that I would not play this card in any other circumstances, I really think its one of the worst rares in the set. Its limit 1 per deck which is a major hindrance to its playability. Then again preventing 3 on every attack (5 if Raditz) is a tad broke. However, its not Mastery specific so you can play it in your NTW deck if you really want to so that earns it some points.

Final Score:
Constructed - Saiyan Anyone: Blegh don't bother - 2.5/5
Constructed - Saiyan Raditz: Play it - 5/5
Constructed - NTW Anyone: If you absolutely have to - 2/5
Sealed: Forget any comments I've made, preventing anything is a boon in this format. Play this - 5/5
Musashi Hey everyone. Today's Card is Saiyan Battle Armor, card number 239 from the DBZ TCG Arrival Saga. this card Reads:

(Limit 1 per deck)
2: CONSTANT- Your opponent's attacks to -1 damage

Another Saiyan, huh? Okay, this card is sick, one of Saiyan style's best. At the cost of 2 stages, you prevent 1 damage from all of your opponent's attacks. I believe this card is broken. It isn't even a Saiyan exclusive, meaning that you can run this in your colorless deck as well. Now, the problems with this card are: Red Shout. That card will kill this card, as it removes 1 support from the game, and then let's your opponent search your deck for all copies of that card and remove them. now, SBA is limit 1, meaning that you loose your only one, and i can't think of a card in the game that pulls from your removed pile. Watch out for Red Shout, and you'll be good. 4.5/5
Joshua Kehe


Saiyan Battle Armor
(Limit 1 per deck.)
2: CONSTANT - Your opponent's attacks do -1 damage.

Hey, another Saiyan card. Fun.
So this little fella' provides you with some nice little, well, armor. The card title pretty much sums up its purpose and effect. Armor provides you with defense, and that is exactly what this does. For the mere cost of 2 Power Stages you get 1 less damage from every attack. That is really nice, especially if you get this early in the game. I am not sure if a damage modifier is considered "preventing" damage, but I do not think that it is.
So, what that would mean is that you are basically "preventing" some of the damage on attacks, even unpreventable ones. That is quite nice. To sweeten the deal this card does not even require a Mastery, like most rare styled cards. So for all of you Multi-styled (I did not realize that Rainbow was already taken) players out there, this is a nice card to throw into your deck. It is also an excellent card to throw into a Saiyan styled deck as well, of course. As I said in yesterday's review, Saiyan style does not worry about defense much, so anykind of defense you can provide yourself with is good, and this is awesome because it is a constant and consistent protection. True, it does not stop any attacks, and one less damage may not seem like a lot, but over the course of several turns it can really add up.
Just figure 2-3 attacks from your opponent a turn, and lets call it over 7 turns, that is 14-21 less damage than what you would have received if you had not had this card out. That is between a quarter and a third of your deck! Now that sounds a bit more significant, wouldn't you agree? Of course you would.

Saiyan Deck: 5.0/5.0 - I think this card is even more useful and/or necessary in a Saiyan deck than Jump is, and you only need one copy of it.
Multi-Styled Deck: 4.5/5.0 - A very nice card in this type of deck as well, but you do have more options defensively.
Overall: 4.7/5.0


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