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Pojo's DBZ Card of the Day

image from dbzcardgame.com

Saiyan Jump


Card Ratings
Average Score: 3.95

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 09.28.05

meb9000 Saiyan Jump

3: Mastery
Stops a physical attack. Your opponent cannot attack you in his next attack phase this turn.


Hello DBZ world, sorry for the lack of reviews lately.
I've just been away from the game a bit until Showdown comes out..blahblahblah.. Okay, now that that is over, onward to the review!

Saiyan Jump is a card that you will definitely want to consider at least a couple copies of for your Saiyan decks. Good stops can be hard to find, and this one could potentially get you out of a bad combat if you're lucky. Making it so your opponent can't attack you means they can only use a Support or Event in their next phase. (So far, I'm pretty sure there aren't any personalities that have activated effects that aren't attacks.) If you can get lucky in this instance, combat will end and you can breathe again for a bit. I myself run 3 copies in my Vegeta Saiyan Beats, and it has saved me quite a few times. Its rare status can make it somewhat tricky to get a hold of, but it's not too bad. The main detriment of this card is its mastery requirement and its steep cost of 3.
While it deserves this cost, it could end up being hard to play it when you need it most, when you're getting your face knocked in =/) Hopefully, you will be a good saiyan deck that keeps high on stages lol.
On to ratings.


4/5: I think this card deserves a rating like this given the potential it has to save you, plus good stops, or perhaps stops at all don't come by too often. Only thing lowering the rating is a steep cost.

Happy playing!
The Box Saiyan Jump

The other saiyan physical defense in arrival. This card is not bad,
but it only really lets you have two attack phases in a row. Now if
it stopped your opponents next attack, it would be better.
Baz Saiyan Jump
Rare - Arrival - #234
Physical Combat - Defense

3, Mastery: Stop a physical attack. Your opponent cannot attack in his next Attack Phase this turn.

In my honest opinion, this card is almost an "Always play" in a Saiyan deck. It is what I call a Hard Block (taking the phrase from MTG's term a Hard Counter" in that it will stop the attack, without any ifs or buts (most of Namekian's blocks are for example soft blocks and will only work on attacks with a requirement). For the norm, 3 stages for a block is a bit steep especially if the attack was only going to do 3 stages anyway, however there are some Successful effects which have to be dealt with, and this is one of Saiyan's ways to do so (Saiyan has one other hard physical block, Saiyan Evasion which is a 2 stage but your opponent cops a damage). Most styles have very little hard blocks, but Saiyan's always goes one step further by upping the cost and giving a secondary effect a little pump. Blocks in Re-Z are expensive in most styles and Saiyan's costs are well below the norm for such effects. Making your opponent unable to attack next time can be a boon especially if you are trying to make Saiyan "go off" that turn, denying an opponent a response to you playing Paid Off straight after this by removing your Saiyan Happiness, or nerfing your hand in some way. Of course, this is also a pseudo way to end Combat, if your opponent can't use something that isn't an attack then they have to Pass, meaning you can pass and end the Combat right away, using it to escape from a sticky situation, like in the mirror match.

Being Mastery only though does deny it some usage in NTW decks which could have been useful. Then again, the card is overly powered for its cost.

Final Score:
Constructed: 4.9/5 (Why does Saiyan only get this card to itself :P)
Sealed: Depends on the rules for the tournament, if you are allowed to Rainbow it up then yes play this card. You'd be crazy not to. 5/5 in Rainbow (Mastery Requirement on cards is ignored and you can play a mastery regardless of the contents of your deck)
Musashi Hi everyone, I'm Musashi, the new guy of the CoTD on Pojo.com. Today we look at Saiyan Jump, card #234 of the DBZ TCG Arrival Saga this card reads:

3, Mastery: Stop a physical attack. Your opponent cannot attack in his next attack phase this turn.

My first impression on this card is 'wow'. The ability to stop a PA and then make your opponent skip his next attack is an awesome one, especially if you are running low on stages or just want to be a jerk :p Now, the cost of 3 may hurt you a bit. Also, this card is Saiyan TW only, so of course you won't see this card in every deck. Only Saiyan ones, lol.

Overall, this card is awesome. The relatively high cost lowers it's score, though. 3.9/5
Joshua Kehe Saiyan Jump
Physical Combat-Defense
3,Mastery: Stop a physical attack. Your opponent cannot attack in his next Attack Phase this turn.

All righty then. So today's card is Saiyan Jump, a Three Cost Saiyan Physical Defense that requires a Mastery to use. And also happens to be rare. What is the advantage of using this card then? Well, it stops your opponent from attacking for the next attack step. Pretty simple and straightforward. So, basically you block one of his attacks, and then you get to attack twice without having to worry about what your opponent will throw at you because he can't throw anything at you. Two-for-one deals are always nice, and this almost delivers that. Personally, I prefer Namekian Blocking Hand because it stops two attacks. It is kind of like the difference between Unstoppable and Unpreventable. This card prevents your opponent from attacking for one step, which means he keeps any attacks he already had in his hand. Blocking Hand stops whatever attack your opponent next throws at you, though it will probably be a weaker one, or none at all, it is still a better defensive card, in my opinion. Anyways, that is Namekian style, and you can expect that out of it because it is a more defensive style. This is Saiyan style, it is about power and anytime you can find space for a block to stop your opponents attacks, while still keeping in all of your own, I think the space is well used, especially if you can, essentially, stop two attacks.
Saiyan Style Deck: 4.9/5.0 - An awesome Saiyan defensive card, I see no
reason not to use it. Rainbow Deck: N/A - You need a mastery to use
it. Overall: 4.9/5.0


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