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Strength of the Dragon
Tin Promo


Card Ratings
Expanded: 3.5
Focused: 4


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.17.05

Richard Barbee
Strength of the Dragon
Tin Promo
4:  (Energy Attack doing 8 life cards of damage)  This attack is unstoppable.
Well, after seeing the lack of reviews I felt that we should at least finish out this week.  Thus, I just picked two random tin promos for this week.  This happens to be today's card of the day.  So, let's break it down as usual.  You've got an energy attack for 8 life cards and costing 4 power stages.  Uh, that's nothing to write home about.  Then you've got the secondary effect of it being unstoppable.  Hm... Now we've got a KHSB that deals more damage, costs more, and still allows the opponent to prevent?  Not bad, and this can be used in focused.  Of course, this card still pales in comparison to it's older brother, Krillin's Heat Seaking Blast (KHSB) but can still do a chunk of damage if played right.  Nothing much to really review, you either like the card or you don't.  Given the choice, I'll take KHSB over this card any day.  But, all the same this card can make or break the game.  If your opponent focuses too much on defense, then fear not, because you can wreak havoc with the might of this card.  Combo this with amplifying cards to make it uber powerful.  Of course, you can even build a deck around it and other unstoppable attacks (via Effortless Drill with a lot of Straining Move cards and of course KHSB).  The choice is yours.  Have fun.
Expanded:  3.5/5 (Not as good as KHSB, but still usable)
Focused:  4/5  (Unstoppable.  Check.  Abuseable.  Check.  Use it.  Check)
Sealed:  N/A  (Odds are, you won't be drafting out of the tin)


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