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Blue Amplified Mastery
Shadow Dragon Saga


Card Ratings
Expanded: 4
Focused: 4


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 02.22.05

meb9000 Blue Amplified Mastery

When you Augment a Setup in play, you may search your Life Deck instead of your Discard Pile. If you choose to search your Life Deck, you may name a card that you don't have in play and Augment it instead of the Setup you were going to Augment. Your MP's PUR gains +3.

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of reviews lately, but school can really take its toll. Anyway, here we have the much-debated Blue Amplified mastery. This was definitely the most confusing mastery to date, as its effect was not very clear until several needed rulings were made. At first, people thought you could use any augmenting card and name any godly setup such as ZWG, YWHBG, etc, and get it out onto the field easily.
However, the ruling stated that you must not only have a setup in play that meets the criteria of the augmentor, but also play a setup from your deck that also meets that criteria. This is definitely more logical and probably what the mastery was aiming for.

I'd say this mastery has a lot of promise in both formats, as there are lots of blue decks in Focused that run a huge amount of setups, as well as expanded which has many great cards to search for, especially if you use Majin Yakon with this mastery, allowing you to legally get out those great setups. The general PUR boost can help anywhere, so take advantage of it.
(Has nightmares over Blue Uub's Energy Drill beats


Expanded: 7/10: You could really go places with either energy beats or taking advantage of Majin Yakon and going crazy ;)

Focused: 7.7/10 Blue Decks have tons of fun setups that have great augmentors that go with them. Do cool things like augmenting a Blue Speedy escape in play with Blue Tail Throw to trade it in for 3 Blue Narrow Escapes O_o

Happy playing!
Ok, this is a good card. When you Augment a Setup, you can search your life Deck instead of your Discard pile. This is good when you have that one card in your Life Deck that you need really badly, and it can only be used once, and that that one time is now. Plus, it s optional. You can EITHER search your LD or your Discard pile. So, this card works either way. You can also get back that card you need in your Discard pile when you need it to play right now. The only thing I can see that s bad with this card is that it s really for Blue decks. That s disappointing. Well, it s still pretty good anyway.

Exp- 4/5
Foc- 4/5
Sea- 3.5/5


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