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Namekian Friendship


Card Ratings
Average Score: 1

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 12.30.05


Mr. Buu
Namekian Friendship



(Limit 1 per deck) 2: CONSTANT – When your opponent passes in his attack phase, you may put the top card of your discards at the bottom of your life deck.

Yay. Namekian Friendship. How to start… Oh, I know! You will waste two very precious stages by using this card? Yeah. Another bleh card. Anything that relies on your opponent doing anything instantly loses power. Oh, and you have to hope your opponent passes. So, you save those two stages you could have used to perform that game breaking attack to play this? That said, it is regen. Regen is very important. But let’s be honest. You’re talking maybe in an average game using this card 2 to 3 times assuming it doesn’t somehow get hit by removal? Hardly worth 2 stages as you will continually lose life. If they made it two cards for every time a player passes, then it would be worth reviewing. Other than that, it’s not. It’s just not worth 2 stages. Oh, wait. That is before you add in the craptacular limit 1 per deck. That said, this card isn’t all bad. Specially if you pull a foil. See, newbs like two things: rares and shiny cards. Now, if you pull a foil, you have both, making it twice as rare to the newbs. Comprende?

On pojo’s scale: 1/5

On my scale: -2.5/1

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Yeah, it’s late for Christmas, but oh well.

-Mr. Buu
Musashi Namekian Friendship
Card 104
DBZ Showdown set

(limit 1 per deck)
2: CONSTANT- When your opponent passes in his Attack Phase, you may put the top card of your discards at the bottom of your life deck.

Well, hello there, everyone! Sorry I missed the other reviews but it is the Christmas season. I hope you all enjoyed Christmas and celebrated it the right way. Oh, I got an XBOX (finally!)

On with the review. Namekian Friendship is not too bad. Gives you regen, which is always good. Only thing is, it's WAY too conditional. Your opponent has to pass, which may not happen often unless you've hit him with cards to make him pass. I must confess, i don't play Namekian so i don't really know if it has the needed card effects to do this, but if you happen to be playing Rainbow, then I can recommend some red cards to lead into it. A plus is, this is limit 1, meaning that if you were playing my Red Krillin, I'd leave this one alone and save Red Shout for a certain other Namekian support that I hate......
Musashi's Rating: 3.4/5.0
Not bad, but not good either. Pretty average.
Rob f Namekian Friendship

ok today we have a nice supprt for the ever popular Namekian subtype. The card doesn't have the Mastery restriction, so it can also be added to Freestyle decks if needed. For 2 stages, it has the constant effect of allowing you to put the top card of your discard and the bottom of your deck everytime you opponent passes. Blah, more regen for Namekian, some might be thinking, and you might be right. Blue and Namekian currently have an extreme amount of regeneration cards. Being able to shuffle back in large attacks or other useful cards that weren't removed can be very helpful. Most of the time, however, you won't be able to make sure that the ones you want go back in. This card, also, is a slower regenration card as it is dependent on your opponent alot. Depending on how much control you have on your opponent will greatly change how many cards are returned. Finally, being a support also gives it the weakness of being easly removed by cards such as Yamcha's Support, Blue Wing Destruction, etc.

3.8/5 nice effect, but can vary in power based on the deck
GDK Namekian Friendship

Namekian rejuvenation at its best. In any combat that your opponent doesn't want to attack, you can rejuv the top card of your discard pile. If it remains in play, you at least get one card regened into your deck. This card shouldn't be the one a Namekian deck should rely on, though, as it's limit one per deck and it's very possible that your opponent will get rid of this card.



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