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Pojo's DBZ Card of the Day

image from dbzcardgame.com

Playful Saiyan Lv. 2



Card Ratings
Average Score: 3.65

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 12.28.05


*Appears, only to get hit with red tomatoes*

Bleh. Anyways, onto the review.

Gohan: Playful Saiyan Lv. 2
PUR: 4
Power: (Energy attack doing 3 damage) 1: Instead of discarding for your mastery this turn, you may draw a card.

Wow Gohan got some more power to work with that Gohan s Anger of his. A Lv. 2, while not great, does not seriously hamper the abilities of Gohan enough to not merit its use. Sure, you can only run 1 other ally, but with the stage gaining available to Gohan, it matters very little. His power stages are very nifty, pretty much staying at the max damage available on the AT. A PUR of 4 is good, as it gives him plenty of stages to work with. His power though An Energy for 3, costing 1 and it gives me hand advantage instead of taking it away. Wow Great synergy for Namekian or Black. Either option gives Gohan a serious amount of deadly tactics to use with either style.
Basically, it turns Namekian into a Draw a card and gain 2 stages or Black into a Draw a card and your next attack is unstoppable . And Gohan s Anger can be run in multiples of 3 (hint hint).
I d go as far as to say run him over the Gohan from Arrival. And he s only a common too

Rating: 4/5 (3 for 1 is never shabby, but for the power too )
AJC468 Gohan, Playful Saiyan

As if in the blink of an eye, it was 11pm.  With little time, weary hands, and a crazed mind, I present my shortest COTD ever:

Gohan, Playful Saiyan in...

Black Style:  Okay
Namekian Style:  Great
Everything Else:  Worthless

The Final Verdict:

+ fairly high base (3-6)
+ decent pur (same as level 1)
+ nice power (Namekian and Black only)
+ great named card (Gohan's Anger)
+ one of the best MP choices for Namekian
+/- level 2
+/- drawing a card is generally a good thing, but not always
+/- power is an energy attack instead of a physical attack
- power does slightly less damage than his level 1
- isn't really that great in black
- mediocre or just plain bad in every other style
GDK Gohan, Playful Saiyan

The level two Gohan, and he isn't half bad. Used in Namekian, he can nab you the extra card, and you can play it because you also gained your two stages from the mastery. Used in Black, gives you an extra card to make Black Forceful Slam cheaper to play. His power doesn't work with any other mastery at this time, so if you play him in any other deck, you will not get the full effect from him.

Rob f Gohan, Playful Ally

Unlike yesterday's card, this card cannot be used with every deck type (well at least usefully). His purpose is in Black and Namekian decks, and i'll get to that in his effect.
To start off, he is a lv 2 MP, which allows for him to run one ally. IMO, the goku and vegeta allies are your best bet, depending on the deck. Goku gives Black the power of Goku's Taunt which I have found to be amazing after a BDS. He doesn't give any real benefit to Namekian though. Vegeta fits nice in both however, just cause of his effect I reviewed yesterday.
Ok i got side tracked there. Those are his uses, so now here's the rest. For a lv 2, his PUR of 4 seems just right, as lv 3 suffer with a 3 PUR and lv 1 adore their 5 PUR (most of them). Next are his stages, and they are much better than his lv 1 form. this gives him anywhere from 3-7 cards of damage for ATK attacks as long as he is not at 0. Finally, we get to his card text, which is an energy attack doing a 3 for 1. It also allows for you during that turn in order to draw a card for your mastery instead of discard a card. Now drawing cards in this game has its ups and downs. Early game is a sweet way to gain the upper hand on the opponent. Late game, it will bring you closer to defeat and you only hope to get something useful. For Namekian, starting off with 6 stages and a 4 card hand can easily overpower the opposition. For Black, this will reel in the more important strikes that raise his stages, such as Dash or Diving Elbow. IMO, both decks gain a nice boost to the early game with this card, but really end up with no help later on.

3.8/5 nice thing to try for namekian and black decks


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