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Vegeta, Saiyan Warrior


Card Ratings
Average Score: 3

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Date Reviewed - 12.26.05

GDK Vegeta, Saiyan Warrior

This is a pretty good ally. Adding one damage to every attack is useful, and in some styles, is necessary if you have a lot of small attacks. The only down side to him is a lack of useful named cards when he is used as an ally. But that shouldn't really hamper you as your attacks are +1 damage more than without him.

AJC468 Vegeta, Saiyan Warrior

I've had a pretty busy Christmas o.o, so there's only time for a short review. Update: Wow, it ended up being pretty long, didn't it?

Today's COTD is Vegeta's level 1 ally from Arrival, and though his usefulness has declined since the new (well, not anymore) ruling on refocusing and the release of Gohan's Anger (making Gohan a viable saiyan
heritage ally choice as well), he still has plenty of uses. +1 to all of
your attacks is a pretty basic ability, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Attack modifiers work best with low-cost attacks.

2. The more attacks you use the more benefit you will gain from his small modifier. Blue + cheap attacks + this ally + mastery = excellent stage cost-damage ratio.

3. If you refocus with an attack, you will not get the +1 modifier. Thus, if you want to make full use of Vegeta in a deck, playing defensively isn't the best idea.

As for named cards, Vegeta's Aura isn't bad at all, and Vegeta's Strength can work well in certain styles, but neither of these are quite on the same level as Nappa's Protective Aura or Gohan's Anger. Nonetheless, Nappa and Vegeta do tend to be used together, so Vegeta's only real saiyan competition is Gohan.

The Final Verdict:

Vegeta, Saiyan Warrior is an excellent choice for saiyan team decks, but it is important to keep in mind that he should primarily be used for his power simply because there are other ally choices with superior named cards. You can't really go wrong with +1 to all attacks, yet some decks will make more
use of it than others. All in all, Vegeta is still one of the best allies
in the game, and he should be considered for use in almost any deck.
Rob f Vegeta, Saiyan Warrior

today we have one of the best ally cards released. For saiyans, this card is a god if your not running a lv 3 MP. I'll skip into the reason- his effect gives every attack +1 damage. Some might think +1 isn't alot, but when it comes to beating down hard and quick, every damage counts. IMO the best deck for him would be black, so he could be paired with gohan and make those black attacks with the nice effects hits for their worth. Of course, he helps saiyan decks and some red decks too. Also, he has nice power stages for an ally if you manage to give him any stages (which normallly won't happen unless you played Black Dragon Support or something of the like).

4.5/5 very stable ally indeed


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