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Pojo's DBZ Card of the Day

image from dbzcardgame.com

Vegeta, Oozaru


Card Ratings
Average Score: 4.1

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 12.23.05

Rob F Vegeta, Oozaru

Behold another rare Showdown MP. This one IMO ownz yesterday's CotD. Level 3 reflects on its PUR, but on the plus side, gives it extra support in certain deck types such as black, saiyan, and some namekian. Also there is the lack of allies to support Vegeta in his King Kong rampage (btw good movie XD). In return, he has Vegeta's Aura and Vegeta's Strength, both of which are very good. Like the other Saiyans, his power stages are very strong, giving him around 7 cards worth of damage per attack.

His attack is ATK for 1 stage, and as far as I know, 7 cards for just 1 stage is sexy. The included effect works with a few cards, but it really doesn't do much. Overall though, this card is awesome and should be run in any deck abusing ATK attacks or that can use cards that abuse having higher level MPs. Hell, just make a freestyle deck with them. I can just imagine though using his printed attack and then following up with a Black Monkey Smash for a total of 18 damage for 2 stages.

4/5 in the right deck
AJC468 -Vegeta Oozaru-

What have we here?  A useable Level 3?!?  It's about time.

For the time being, Vegeta Oozaru has the near exclusive status of being one of the only playable Level 3 MPs in the game.  This is probably due to the fact that he specializes in a specific style, Saiyan, and thus fits said style better than most other MPs who do not possess such a speciality.  This speciality does not come without a price, however, because there are plenty of other, generally superior, MP choices for every non-saiyan styled deck.
 Unless you are crazy, that is.

How does Vegeta Oozaru stack up against other MPs commonly used in Saiyan decks?  It all comes down to your prefered playstyle.  The following is a list of pros and cons when using Vegeta's new Level 3:

+ An insane base of 7 at every power stage except 0.

+ Power does great damage for the cost and can be used as a cheap
+ refocus
with no hinderance from the Saiyan Mastery.

+ Power decreases the drawbacks of cards such as "Saiyan Ki Push" and
"Saiyan Flying Kick", thus increasing their usability.

+ Being a Level 3 means you get full use out of several amazing cards
including: "Saiyan Gut Breaker, Saiyan Prepared Block", and "Saiyan Confrontation".

- A PUR of 3, even with all of Saiyan's stage gain, is still subpar.

- A severe lack of draw power.  As a result, luck will play a larger role in all of your matches, and it will be harder for you to draw into specific cards at the times when you need them most.  This is by far Vegeta's greatest flaw.

- Level 3 means no allies.  No allies means no amazing named cards that those allies possess.  It also means you can never have more than 10 stages at once.  This is a terrible thing.  Horrible, even.

The Verdict:

Draw Power or Raw Power?  That is the question.  If you prefer the former, use Raditz, but if the latter is more of your style then Vegeta Oozaru should not dissappoint.  Just don't use him in anything other than Saiyan unless you are even crazier than I am.  

Hope everyone has a merry Christmas and an enjoyable holiday. o.o
GDK Vegeta, Oozaru

Vegeta Oozaru is pretty much built for Saiyan with his card effect of "For this turn, when you take damage to use one of your effects, take four less damage to use that effect." The Saiyan style is the only one where you take damage to get some sort off benefit, so this is the most likely application for him. On top of that, his damage from the attack table is always seven, so he definitely should be played with an AT beats deck.

Musashi Vegeta, Oozaru
Personality-Main Level 3
PUR: 3
Power Levels: 0-180,000 by 5,000 (starting at 135,000)
Card #119
Power: PA doing AT Damage. Cost 1. For this turn, when you take damage to use one of your effects, take 4 less damage to use that effect instead!

Heh, just a note. Yesterday's card was supposed to be marked 12/22/05, not 12/21. My bad >_>

WOW, joo picked my fave Veggie! Ok, who isn't playing this level 3 Vegeta? Seriously, this is one of the best level three's out there (the other 2 being Krillin and Piccolo). This card practically says "I pity the fool don't play me in every Saiyan Deck!" (that was Mr. T).
Nearly every card that says "take X damage to do X damage more" pretty much says "Do X damage extra. Try not to enjoy winning too much!" The drawback: this card is a level three and can't run allies. Added to that the fact that he has a PUR of just 3, but who was surprised by that?
If you are like me and enjoy Saiyan Beatdown, this card is the one to play. The two drawbacks are bad, but not crippiling, making this my first perfect 5.0/5.0 here at Pojo's.

Musashi's Rating: 5.0/5.0


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