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Pojo's DBZ Card of the Day

image from dbzcardgame.com

Goku, 100x Gravity Trained


Card Ratings
Average Score: 4.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 12.22.05

AJC468 (Note: Hello everyone. It's been a few years since I last did a COTD on this site, so I doubt many of you have even a remote clue of who I am. Some of you may have been lucky enough, or unfortunate depending on how you look at it, to have been involved in some of my random chats on AIM, but other than that I guess I would appear to be no more than random scrub. You'd be wrong though. I'm far worse than that. =P)

(More Notes: Since this is my first COTD I'd like to take a moment to explain the method behind the madness that is the "AJC468 COTD". First of all, I am choosing not to provide a numerical score at the end of my COTDs.
This should be good news for those of you who read card reviews for the text and not the score, but the primary reasoning behind this is that I share the fairly common belief that rating cards isn't an exact science, and thus numbers don't do the best job for informing the reader on -why- exactly a particular card is either:

A: Worth Running
B: Absolute Trash
C: Somewhere In-between (also known as the vague line of uncertainty)

There are a lot of cards out there, and it's hard to accurately rate them using a five point scale. Some cards are strong when they first come out, but useless later. Others are the exact opposite, but either way a review score isn't going to tell you nearly as much about a card's overall usefulness as a written review would. I'm sure you've heard this a billion times already so I'll leave it at that.)

(Even More Notes: Still reading? You make me proud. I didn't know people on the internet actually read things. This is a wonderful feeling.)

Oh right, I'm reviewing a card today...

-Goku 100x Gravity Trained-

(Yet Another Note: This COTD will be especially long today because I am experimenting with several review styles until I find the one that fits best. Time permitting there will be more reviews of this length, but I doubt it will be a regular occurrence.)

Our victim...err...COTD today is Goku 100x Gravity Trained. Main Personalities (MPs) can sometimes prove to be difficult to review simply because they have a large amount of competition among both themselves and
*gasp* other MPs. Goku isn't too keen on making my job any easier either with his rather unique ability, but let's get the basic stuff out of the way

The first three things one generally notices about any MP are the Personality Level, Power Level, and PUR. Yes, I capitalized all three because they are important. These "big three" characteristics are generally, but not always, a good indicator of whether the card is going to be playable or undeserving of further mention. How does "Goku 100x Gravity Trained" stack up besides having the longest name ever? Not too badly.

-Personality Level: 2

What do we know about Level 2s? They generally possess better Powers and Power Levels than a Level 1, but their PURs typically hover around the 3-4 level instead of reaching the elusive PUR of 5 that some level 1s enjoy.
They also have the benefit of a single ally, but effects that strengthen with more personalities in play (such as Nappa, Faithful Cohort and Tien's
Help) are slightly weaker than when using their Level 1 MP counterparts.
Level 2s are currently not played as much as Level 1s, but most of them are good enough to be considered useable. Goku 100x Gravity Trained passes all of the requirements of a Level 2 by relatively high margins.

-Power Level: 5,000-50,000 (4-7 base)

Goku 100x Gravity Trained has one of the highest Power Levels among all currently released Level 2 MPs. This ensures that he will almost always deal cost effective damage with any card that has "AT" base damage. This also means that Goku lends himself well to Saiyan and Namekian styles since those are the two styles with the greatest amount of cards that have "AT"
base damage. The large shift between weak and strong power levels is the only noticeable weakness in this area, and the release of a new Attack Table will likely cause the base gained by this card to suffer greatly.

-PUR: 4

A PUR of 4 is currently the highest we can expect from a Level 2 MP, and it is generally considered to be the "average" value for a PUR at this point in Re-Z. Thus, there is really nothing else to be said. Perfectly acceptable.

Now that we know that "Goku x100 Gravity Trained" excels in the "big three"
characteristics of most useable MPs, is his power any good?

-Personality Power: Constant - Once per turn you may remove X cards from your discard to stop an energy attack. X equals the attack's base damage.

I have something to confess before I go any further. I have yet to actually use this card in a deck. Now that you know what a terrible person I am we can continue. Goku 100x Gravity Trained is currently the only personality in Re-Z that can stop attacks with his personality power. Blocks, especially those of low cost, are extremely useful against just about every style because they accomplish something refocusing could never hope to
achieve: the prevention of those extremely annoying "if successful" effects possessed by attacks such as Namekian Eye Lasers and Red Left Kick. With the exception of Orange Lockup, stopping an attack for 0 stage cost is virtually unheard of in Re-Z. What does this mean? Even a Level 2 has to deal with a bevy of restrictions before it can enjoy an ability of such magnitude.

Goku's new Level 2 has two of them. The first is that his power is only capable of stopping energy attacks. If you've played Re-Z for any reasonable length of time then you've probably noticed that there are a great deal more useable physical attacks than there are energy attacks in most styles. Perhaps the smaller amount of available energy attacks is a good thing, however, because Goku's ability also limits the extent to which you can block them. For every energy attack you choose to stop with his power, you must remove X amount of cards from your discard pile. X being the base damage of that attack. This can be handy if you are facing a deck that relies mainly on modifiers to increase the damage of its attacks, like Raditz Saiyan, because you'll be removing less cards than the amount of damage the attack would have delt if it had hit. Against other decks you'll normally be breaking even, which is perfectly fine, but you'll be running out of cards in your discard pile to remove pretty quickly. The removal part isn't all bad though. You can use it to your advantage by removing cards to set up the bottom or top card of your discard pile for card effects.

There you have it. I've discussed all of the major factors of Goku 100x Gravity Trained as much as I can stand. There are a few minor things to keep in mind though:

1. Goku doesn't have the best named cards. His new one is useable, but not in every style. Commonly used MPs such as Tien have the advantage here because of their powerful named cards, like Tien's Help.

2. Stopping energy attacks isn't very helpful against blue. Not that blue is the best style or anything, but I do have to list -everything- don't I?

3. This COTD is getting rather long, isn't it?

The Final Verdict:

Goku 100x Gravity Trained will definitely see some play. He's not quite on the level of other top tier MPs such as Tien and Gohan in their respected styles, but his power is unique and the combination of a high Power Level and an acceptable PUR make for an above average MP. He's most likely to be used in either Saiyan or Namekian decks, but he fits every style reasonably well. Strong ally choices include Nappa, Vegeta, or even Gohan if you just have to run Gohan's Anger in every deck.

Well that's it for today. Tomorrow's COTD may be much shorter depending on how much time I have on my hands. Between all the notes and the COTD itself that was the longest thing ever at least by my standards. Hope everyone has a great day and a Merry Christmas. :O
GDK Goku, 100x Gravity Trained

This is a really good card, as it gives you a free energy defense once per turn. This could stop Namekian get off an Eye Lasers or Blinding Ray, amongst others. He also has really nice base damage, so attack table beats is useable with him.

Musashi Goku, 100x Gravity Trained
Personality-Main Level 2
PUR: 4
Power Level: 0-50,000 by 5,000
Card Number 99

Saiyan. CONSTANT: Once per turn you may remove from the game X cards in your discards to stop an energy attack. X= the attack's base damage.

Merry Christmas! Hope you guys all have a great time this year. And please don't forget the REAL reason we celebrate this day, ok? Alrighty, today's card is the new level 2 Goku, 100x Gravity Trained. This card's power is CONSTANT, and can be a defense against a strong late-game energy. Perhaps it is one of the most reliable stops in the game right now. Add to that the fact that he'll be hitting for 7 PAT damage most of the time and we have a strong contender for a Goku MP. However, I'd stick with the Arrival level 2 or 3. Removing 6 discards to stop a 6 damage energy is really good, and can help conserve your stages better, but also kills the effectiveness of Goku right now. I'm a big fan of the level 3 Arrival MP, which can be found here:Card Display . This one works better with Goku's Finisher. That's my opinion, make your choice. Musashi's Rating: 4.5/5.0. It's great, perhaps a tad situational. Use it, like it, or dump coffee on it and say it was an accident. Whatever! ^_^
Rob f Goku, 100x Gravity Trained

woohoo the second lv 2 goku. some might not like him as much as the other goku but its basically perference on this guy. his PUR is right for him, and like most of the saiyans, his power stages are mighty. now his effect might come in handy, but its a little situational in that deck types tend to run less energy attacks and more physical attacks. Blue runs none except for refocusing, which will make him pretty crappy against that matchup. Namekian and Saiyans run some, but the majority of it is balanced. Still, a cardless, stageless block is always nice, even if it only works on about 2/3 of the different types. Another thing to mention is that this card is not as powerful in the early game unless you decide to take some hits to power up this ability. Overall, however, it depends on what decktypes are commonly put up against you.



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