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Expectant Trunks


Card Ratings
Expanded: 5
Focused: 5


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 04.01.05

Richard Barbee Expectant Trunks
Power: Use when entering Combat. Search your discard pile for any one Combat, Physical Combat, or Energy Combat card, show your opponent, and place it in your hand.

Once again, another broke card to finish up the week. This card is almost bordering on the level with FA and MotD, but it still doesn t quite reach that level. The difference is that MotD and FA can hit the deck. That said, Expectant Trunks has some amazing powers, is used at the beginning of combat, and deserves the restriction that got placed upon it. Let s see. Drills bugging you? ET for Maniacal Blinding Slash. Setups killing you? ET for Majin Destruction. Need to kill some cards from your opponent s deck? ET your Black Scout Manuever/Goku s Blinding Strike. Need that extra beefy block? ET your Time. So and so forth. Basically, get any card you need. The thing that truly knocks this card off of the same level as FA and MotD IMO, is the fact that you have to search your discard pile. That means late game, which usually means big discard piles. That said, that can make a big difference in the playability because it could just give you that extra push. But FA/Mark can do that anyways. Being used when entering combat as opposed to during combat is a double edged sword. It all depends on your deck. If you are running something that you really need each and every attack phase rather than wasting it to search (I say wasting as in using it, not tossing it away) this is your card. If you are into pure hand advantage, this is also your card. If you do not want to stay in combat and do not mind using an attack phase to search, then you probably want to run it anyways. This could be argued as a true staple, except in EXTREME decks that run only non combat cards, and those decks are usually weak anyways.

Expanded: 5/5 (Run it. Just do it. You have no excuse, this is an uncommen.)

Sealed: 5/5 (Run it. That extra hand advantage goes a long way)


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