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Vegeta Sensei


Reviewed 10.14.2004

Avg. Expanded Rating:
Avg. Focused Rating:


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

KingBroly Vegeta Sensei (Deck Size 18)
When removing cards to advance your MP a level, you may remove 4 less cards.

This card, after much changing & turmoil is last year's Grand Kai Invitational Winner card. Well, all I can say is, this card good and bad. The size of 18 cards (2nd biggest in Expanded) has an effect. The 18 card size is great, especially if you want to metagame against a single deck type or 2. But, I mostly go for DB and balance when it comes to building a Sensei deck. This Sensei card has great advantages to it, mostly for Focused, but it does provide advantages to any format, and gives Saiyan Surpreme Mastery a great additive in any Format. Want to advance a level? You don't have 10 cards in your discard pile? With this, 6 will do. However, it's either 6 or 10 cards. It's not up to 4 cards less (I think that'd be better). Saiyan Style decks in both Formats got the better of this Sensei. Surpreme Mastery is a clear winner, but Blitz and Tactical with Vegeta, Goku, or even Trunks got a boost from this Sensei. This Sensei's Winner: Saiyan Style

Expanded: 3.75/5
Focused: 4.25/5 (You'll see it more, plus people wanna save their discard piles)

Thurs - Vegeta Sensei - Probably the most useful sensei to come out of the Shadow Dragon set.  Levelling quickly is always good, and I have seen this Sensei used in any number of different decks.  Goku Saiyan Blutz abuse, Omega Shenron Orange Pinpoint, even black decks can use it as a fallback if they fail to Mastery level quickly.  Probably going to be the focused sensei for awhile.  The deck size is also nice, 18 cards, 3 short of the biggest, Elder Kai, who does not even have a power.

In expanded, meh.  Ball still rules expanded, and levelling really won't help much.

In limited, it's a sensei, and levelling quickly is never bad there.

Focused 4/5 (probably the most all around useful sensei)

Expanded 2/5 (you MIGHT be able to level once, before a ball deck beats you)

Limited 3/5 (depends on what personality you are playing)

Borab193 Vegeta Sensei

The card that Gabe Abner created. Second biggest sensei deck size (first if you don't count Elder Kai Sensei because he's just a sensei, and no power) Big Sensei can help with cards that remove cards in your sensei deck to use an effect. On to the power. Remove 4 less cards in your discard pile when leveling. That can really help you with your discard pile management, and keep you from killing cards you need. Using this card, it helps to get to higher levels faster, which in a lot of decks is a plus.

Focused: 9/10
Expanded: 9/10

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