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Black Smoke Dragon Sensei

GT set of Shadow Dragon Saga

Reviewed 10.12.2004

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KingBroly Black Smoke Dragon Sensei (Deck Size 11)

(This is not a Black Style card) Once per game, during your Attack Phase, you may remove 10 cards in your opponent's discard pile from the game.

This is a Great Metagaming Sensei. You can choose to get rid of cards that your opponent might loop, can rejuvenate, or just getting rid of cards your Opponent might remove for advancing a level. Infinite Loop Removal: Well, this is for Red Rush Mastery, as your opponent might try to use infinite physical attacks on you and whatnot, and once they get a loop going, you can use this Sensei to stop the loop dead in its tracks. Of course, that would leave you open for another infinite loop later in the game, if you don't have an All Stop defense. Rejuvenation Removal: Villains or Saiyan Surpreme Mastery. Get rid of 10 event combats due to Foreboding Evidence (Expanded), or 10 Saiyan Style cards to stop your opponent from making an infinite rejuvenation trick. Leveling Removal: Here, remove nothing but bad cards, so leaving good cards in the discard pile. This will stop your opponent from leveling, or cause them to advance via sacrificing their good cards. Ouch.
This Sensei was made for the Metagamer in mind. It's good, it's evil, it's a great addition to the play field. Also, with a size of 11 cards (Any 11 cards), you can have a nice metagaming set of cards for any deck type, like ally, drills, Dragon Balls, etc.

Expanded: 4.25/5
Focused: 5/5 (Since they can only advance an MP via this)
Borab193 Sensei theme, fun. I remember the controversy that was faced regarding whether it was considered a black style card or not. If it was considered Black, it would boost Black obscenely. Decent Sensei deck size. Removes 10 cards in your opponent's graveyard, big boost, especially in focused. This card can go in basically any deck, seeing as how a lot of decks rely on their discard pile, or at least need cards in their discard pile.

Focused: 9/10 Only once per game
Expanded: 8.5 Less focus on killing the discard pile

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