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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

image from

Black Crosscheck

Dragon Ball GT

Reviewed 3.16.2004

Avg. Expanded Rating: 3.1
Avg. Focused: Rating: 4.2


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.


Black Crosscheck - GT UR

Stop any attack. Your opponent discards the top 3 cards of his life deck.

Finally we are reviewing some GT cards. Black crosscheck is a nice card for black decks. This works well with the scientific mastery. Removing cards from the game is always a good thing. And if you happen to make them remove 5 or more life cards from their deck you get to capture a dragonball. Its an alright card in expanded since it is a dual blocker but it is an event card and you have a variety of choices for dual blocks in expanded. In focused this card is a must.. pretty much like all the URs in this set.

Focused 4.0

Expanded 2.5


 Black Crosscheck, #247 from Baby Saga.

Power: Stop any attack. Your opponent discards the top 3 cards of his Life Deck.

I have a lot of mixed feeling with this card. For focused, in a black deck, some people consider it a must, but if you don't have it, don't sweat it, it really isn't that great. If you do have it for focused, definitely use it.
For expanded I would say don't even use this card, unless you have a really expensive deck and want to show it off. In expanded there are so many better black blocks, and other blocks, that should go in your deck before this.
Also, in expanded, watch out for focused attacks; in focused you don't have to worry about that, except for that one blue energy attack, but who uses blue energy in focused anyway? Some other things to think about is that this card is an event card (combat) and can be sphered in expanded, and It's the inside that counts can be used in focused to mess you up.


Expanded - 3.1 (probably just above average in expanded)

Focused - 4.5 (one of the best black blocks in focused)
KingBroly  Black Crosscheck (Event Combat)
Stop any attack. Your opponent discards the top 3 cards of their deck.
Focused: 4.5/5

Wow! What a break! I'm back on the CotD helm. Anyway, onto Black Crosscheck. This is an Ultra Rare? It looks like a Common (According to this set) as there are many cards like it; some that stop any attack; some discarding cards. But, this is a Combo I guess. Maybe an Uncommon? This card OWNZ with Black Science Mastery. Remove the top-3 cards of your opponent's deck. It's not removed from the game, so get a little regeneration going & you've got your opponent on the run. I play this card with General Rildo Black Science. It's a Combo Discard Deck, with this card ruling them. Anyway, I have 3, and this card is sensational here.

Expanded: 3.25/5
Okay, this is a card every Black deck has been waiting for. Why? Anti-Supreme West Kai, DragonBall, and possibly anger. I've found that this card is pretty sweet against opponents, if you don't get TES'd by it. Then, you have Scout Maneuver/Goku's Blinding Strike, and any other mini-discarder. So, if you can play it, it's great, but you might not get a chance.
~Surllio~  Black Crosscheck
GT Ultra Rare # 247
Combat Event Card

Hmmm, did GT get a bunch of horrible rares or what? Black Crosscheck was definately one of the better ones, and fits great into any black deck, however for it to be an ultra rare, there are normal cards with much better abilities.

Stopping any attack is nice, but in expanded you still have to watch for focused attacks, and in GT, you have to watch for Blue Draining Kamehameha and other such cards. The after effect is nice, but not all that great. Perhaps with Docter Myuu with Shu as an Ally, but Discard decks have to be very careful as it is.

The card is alright in my opinion, but there are better omni blocks out there, and in expanded, black has some that are definately much better than this one. The fact that its a free small peck off of the deck is nice, but discards can't win the game if all thats left is dragon balls.

Overall, 3.5 of 5. Decent, but not too powerful.

 Black Crosscheck

Probably the best UR in GT, though Red Toe Pierce and Orange Fishing Drill give it a run for it's money. It is basically a Red Counterstrike, save that it blocks anything, and does not remove itself from the game. That is good on it's own, even with the possibility that it can be Sphered. You may run it in Expanded, though I feel Black probably has better blocks, and there is always Sphere (and Broly's Might, and any other irreverant combat/event hate) to worry about. In focused, it is amazing. There is currently next to no event hate, no way to stop one, and only one 'focused' attack, so if you are playing Black, you run this, period. Being able to get it back for seconds, either through Rejuvenation or any of the random 'shuffle a card back in' cards is even better. It also works with either mastery, though Scientific fits more.

In limited, you run this. It is nearly three cards of damage, guarenteed, and doing that while stopping an attack should be a no-brainer.

FOCUSED - 4.5 out of 5 (Amazing now, though there is some minor ways around it)

EXPANDED 3 out of 5 (Black simply has better blocks, and there is more ways to deal with combat/event cards)

LIMITED 5 out of 5 (You run this, period, unless everyone gets a Trunks Energy Sphere, or the equivalent for entering the tournament)

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