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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

image from

Vegeta's Fury

Fusion Saga

Reviewed 9.2.2003

Avg. Standard Rating: 1.78
Avg. TE: Rating: 1.53


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Jesse Zeller
Vegeta’s Fury-

This card is an interesting card. It turns your Majin Vegeta’s Rage and Vegeta’s Quickness Drill into Expectant Trunks’s. The downfall is, of course, that all freestyle cards gain removed from the game after use. It’s a really great power if you can pull it off. But since there is so much Non-Combat and Drill hate in the environment, you could possibly have it all set up for 2 turns, max. In Tuff Enuff, don’t even try it. Are You Tuff Enuff will own you. But it can be combo’ed with Vegeta the Celestial.

Standard – 2/5
Tuff Enuff – 1/5
Mewfive Vegeta's Fury
The stick(s): Attach it to a Majin Vegeta's Rage that is already attached to
a Vegeta's Quickness Drill. That, to me, sounds like overkill. Why would I
want to attach a card to a card attached to a Drill, only to see it all go
away when I level or when an opponent discards/removes my Vegeta's Quickness Drill? I suppose if I was playing a Freestyle or Orange deck, I would be a little less worried about losing my setup. All my Freestyle cards minus Nons gain RFG text. I would not mind this if I was running the HT WGS Lv.1 and mostly Vegeta named cards. But if I'm not, that is so not cool. As with any Combat, it can be TESed. The carrot: You get to pick what cards you draw from the discard with Vegeta's Quickness Drill and Majin Vegeta's Rage. That part, I like very much. If I was to use this card, I'd make sure my deck has a way to offset the two cons of using this card: A tough setup and losing precious Freestyle cards.

Standard - 1.5/5. Who uses Vegeta or Majin Vegeta here? Also, there's only one decent level to use this card with.
TE - 2/5. Works a little better here, but what good player does not run
Drill hate?
AJC468 Vegeta's Fury:

This is on of those cards that if you manage to pull it off you deserve a medal, lol.  Harder to pull off than cosmic backlash, and you don't even win the game.  It also has a drawback O_O.  Anyway, if you some how attach this to your limit one per deck VQD that has a  Majin Vegeta's Rage attached to it and it isn't TESed, then you have a pretty good card *cough*.  Getting to choose two cards in your dp is nice, but at the cost of pulling this card off and the drawback, this isn't worth it in any vegeta or majin vegeta deck.  No one used Majin Vegeta's Rage because it was so hard to pull off, so why would you use a card that is more than 2 times more difficult than MV's Rage?  Didn't think so, lol, never use this card if you are playing seriously.

Standard: 1.1
TE: 1.1

There are worse cards out there, I just couldn't find many.
Vegeta's Fury, #122 from Fusion Saga

Power: Vegeta and Majin Vegeta only. Attach to your "Majin Vegeta's Rage" that is attached to a "Vegeta's Quickness Drill." While attached, all of your Freestyle cards (excluding Non-Combat cards) gain "Remove from the game after use" and when you draw cards with "Majin Vegeta's Rage" and "Vegeta's Quickness Drill", you may choose the cards in your discard pile instead.

This card is a double-edged sword! It is great to be able to choose which
cards you get with Vegeta's Quickness Drill and Majin Vegeta's Rage, but to have all of your freestyle cards removed (besides non-combats) may be a little much. That means you can never get any cards like trunks energy
sphere back, which could really screw you later. This card is a combat card, which means it may be easier to get, but also can be sphered. If you are using Majin Vegeta that means that all of your majin only cards are removed along with other freestyle cards. Also, a lot of Vegeta decks like to use many Vegeta named cards, which would make all of them removed as well. I would only suggest using this card if you play with a deck that has many really good styled cards. It would be really funny to see a freestyle deck use this though; that would be like using Dying Planet, except it only affects you.


Standard - 2.5
Tuff Enuff - 2
Sealed Deck - 1.3
9/1/03 – Monday
Vegeta’s Fury – Fusion Saga
Rare - #122

Power: Vegeta and Majin Vegeta only. Attach to your "Majin Vegeta's Rage" that is attached to a "Vegeta's Quickness Drill." While attached, all of your Freestyle cards (excluding Non-Combat cards) gain "Remove from the game after use" and when you draw cards with "Majin Vegeta's Rage" and "Vegeta's Quickness Drill", you may choose the cards in your discard pile instead.

Back to reviewing bad cards are we?

Oh my gosh is this card broken or what? Just kidding. The effects are yes broken, but the making it broken… no.

Fury is a combat card, so there’s a plus. There’s no getting rid of this card any time soon. But you have to attach it to a Majin Vegeta’s Rage attached to a Vegeta’s Quickness Drill. WHAT? Let’s break this down.

I’ve got to either get my lone copy of VQD out or let my opponent get his, if he even runs it. I’ve got to not let VQD get discarded/removed from the game. I’ve got to attach Majin Vegeta’s Rage to my VQD, and that’s a non-combat. I’ve got to not let Majin Vegeta’s Rage get discarded/removed from the game. I’ve got to enter Combat and attach Vegeta’s Fury to that Rage.

Tell me that’s supposed to be easy?
The biggest problem is that the cards aren’t searchable. If they were all Vegeta named, at least you could use the Freestyle Mastery MBS and just hold them in your hand, and hope that the VQD doesn’t get killed by using something like Ingraine in the Membrane or something.

I mean, making your VQD become broken Expectant Trunks in the sense that you can draw a ton of good styled cards and whatnot is definitely good. But there’s always A Hero’s Heart is Strong, and there always will be non-combat and drill removal.

So just don’t. Great if you get it to work, but the key work is… IF…

Standard: 1.2 out of 5.0 (not gonna happen)
Tuff Enuff: 1.2 out of 5.0 (still not gonna happen)
Sealed: N/A – Let’s see… get a SS pack for VQD, Babidi pack for MVR, Fusion pack for Fury, and pull Vegeta in the deck… yeah right. I have a better chance of pulling Champion Drill in a limited Androids pack. ~matthewlow

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