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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

image from

Chi Chi Level 2

Frieza Saga

Reviewed 10.30.2003

Avg. Standard Rating: 1.26
Avg. TE: Rating: 1.26


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Matthew Low
10-29-03 Ė Wednesday
Chi-Chi Level 2 Ė Frieza Saga
Uncommon - #41

Power: Physical Attack. If successful, it also does +4 power stages of damage if Goku is present.

This COTD is gonna be short. Cause thereís nothing to say.

Letís seeÖ

Moral of the story isÖ only use this if you wanna play Chi-Chi. No other reason. Cause her level 1 is fun stuff and her Level 3 is broke. But her level 2Ö ickÖ how often is Goku gonna be in play? And who really cares to do 4 more stages anyway?

Standard: 1.0 out of 5.0 (use it so you can play as her)
Tuff Enuff: 1.0 out of 5.0 (ditto)
Sealed: 1.3 out of 5.0 (level 2 ally? Yah right)
 Chi Chi - Level 2 Frieza Saga

Physical attack. If goku is in play it does +4 more power stages. Yeah not the greatest of cards. They really should make a new level of her huh? Anyway theres nothing much to say about this card. Its a physical and shes weak. They dont mix.

Rating 1.3

King Broly  Chi-Chi (Lv.2)

Whatís this cobweb card? Oh wait. Something that Iíve not seen in quite a while, for Chi-Chi; I guess you need it forÖ. No. Well, itís required for play, that much is certain. I donít like this card. Itís old so it doesnít have a lot of uses now a days in our world of level 1ís and level 3ís and level 5ís. What about those even number personality cards? Is Majin Buu the only decent level 2 power out there? Well, itís kind of unfair since there arenít many good level 2ís out there. This isnít one of them.

Standard: 1.5/5 (Because if youíre Chi-Chi, itís required)

Tuff Enuff: 1.5/5
Mewfive  Chi-Chi Level 2 FS
A physical for +4 if Goku is in play... Once again, this is one of those
situations where South Kai comes in handy, but that's made for a fast first turn Ally pull. I'd wind up using something like Unexpected Allies to get him out, seeing as I likely would have wasted South Kai already. This is why I'd use Blue, you need to keep an Ally in play. Blue has good Ally
protection in Blue Friendship, Blue Saving Catch Drill, and for fun, Goku's
Quick Save.

This card was good back in the day. Nowadays, a plain physical for +4 does not see too much play. Those are normally passed up for an attack with a secondary effect. But we have only one Level 2 of Chi-Chi. If you are original enough to play her, you're stuck with this. The only bright side to that is it could be worse.

Standard - 1/5. Too reliant on keeping Goku out.
TE- 1/5.
Chi-Chi Level 2, #41 from Frieza Saga

Power: Physical Attack. If successful, it also does +4 power stages of
damage if Goku is present.

Wow, talk about one of the all time crappiest level 2's; right up there with
Chiaotzu blowing himself up, except that can actually do a little damage!
First of a all this is just a plain physical than can do a whole 2 power
stages at the most of base damage (both vs Supreme West Kai, and when your opponent is at 0). But wait, this gets even better, if Goku is in play it does a whopping 4 power stages more!! Seriously, if this wasn't the only level 2 Chi-Chi had, I would hold a public burning of this card! It really
isn't even good as an ally because most good ally decks don't really use
anything but level 1's. The quote isn't good either. This is one of the
worst cards ever made in the DBZ game! Only use this card if it is in a
Chi-Chi deck, and do not stay on this level for more than a couple turns at
the most!


Standard - 1.1/5 (it would have been 1, but it is the only level 2 Chi-Chi

Tuff Enuff - 1.1/5 (it would have been 1, but it is the only level 2 Chi-Chi

Sealed Deck - 1.1/5 (Don't use this card, except if you know you can get to level 2, but I guess it can always be a filler card to get your deck up
higher in card amount)
Vegeta77 Power: Physical Attack. If successful, it also does +4 power stages of damage if Goku is present

Alright... Chi-Chi decks have to run 3 levels... and unfortuantly that includes her level 2. As of right now, this is chi-chi's only level 2. It is a basic physical attack that only has a plus 4 modifier. And that's only when goku is in play... The point of Chi-Chi decks are to get out goten for damage... not goku. Only run this level because you have to... and either clash up to get off it... Or ki push back down.

Standard (1.0)
Tuff Enuff (1.0)
Team Scrub Power: Physical Attack. If successful, it also does +4 power stages of damage if Goku is present.

This level 2 obviously isn't very good, but since it is Chi-Chi's only level 2, if you want to play her you need to get through it. You definitely need to get Goku out as an ally or give this attack a giant boost. Playing red would work well because most red styled physical attacks have giant modifiers and the CS mastery is real strong =/ I'd also run South Kai sensei, and either search for Goku on your first turn, or save the search for when Chi-Chi Level 2 hits the table. You'd want to run Motherly Rage and Chi-Chi on the attack too =/

Standard - 1.5
Tuff - 2

Chi-Chi Level 2 FS

This card is just a regular physical attack. It is nothing special. It could help by trying to get your opponent to use his blocks so your next turn you will hit him for a good amount. Who would do that anyway?
Standard: 1.8 out of 5.0
~*Melissa Low*~/*Videl* Trunks is soooooo hot! hehehe

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