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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

image from

Chi Chi the Wife, Level 3

Cell Saga

Reviewed 10.31.2003

Avg. Standard Rating: 3.34
Avg. TE: Rating: 2.27


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Matthew Low
 10-31-03 – Friday
Chi-Chi the Wife Level 3 – Cell Saga
Rare - #114

Power: When entering Combat, remove all of your opponent's Non-Combat cards in play from the game.

Broke. Let’s see…
Good game Freestyle. Buh bye drills.
Good game Orange. Buh bye Focusing Drill, rest to go soon.
Good game DB. Buh bye like everything, try to cope without nons.

Well, she gets rid of nons. Nothing else. But that can easily give you the advantage, and with nons out of the way Chi-Chi can have a lot of fun doing whatever she wants to do to win.

Only you all have to wish this wasn’t a level 3. Main reason is that terrible level 2. Also… what exactly do you have planned to do at this level anyway? I’m going to just leave that up to your imagination. I dunno, physical beat like the level 1, and just control the board with your level 3. Sounds pretty fun to me.

If this power was on a different character… only if… but it is not, so yay for Chi-Chi. If you get here, have fun. You can play Chi-Chi to physical beat on that level 1, or jump to level 3 to destroy any and all tech coming your way. I don’t care how. Just win with her and I’m happy.

Standard: 3.6 out of 5.0 (now if only you could get here)
Tuff Enuff: 3.0 out of 5.0 (nons not as prevalent)
Sealed: 1.2 out of 5.0 (level 3 ally… yah right)
King Broly  Chi-Chi, the Wife (Lv.3)

Power: When entering combat, remove all of your opponent’s non-combat cards in play.

WHAT!!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? This is like the Anti-Dragon Ball Power right here. Not only does this baby get past the Buu Freestyle Mastery, so goodbye to all of their drills in play. If they are using an orange deck, then you just got rid of one of their best cards. Orange Focusing Drill is killed by this. So, unless you can protect it, then against Chi-Chi you’ve kind of lost unless it’s late. Not only drills, but such pricy cards that are BIG CARDS like Fatherly Advice and Where There’s Life There’s Hope are probably gone. The only problem here is that this card is a level 3.

Standard: 3/5 (If you’re a speed demon)

Tuff Enuff: 1.5/5 (No point really)

 Chi Chi Level 3 - Cell Saga

When entering combat, screw over any db or drill deck. Thats how that power should read : D Anyway, when entering combat remove all your opponents non-combats from the game. Non-combats are always around and this power is truly powerful. Its just a shame its on her level 3. If they gave this sorta power to a very usuable personality that would be great. But if you play a deck with chi-chi just try to get to this level asap and your opponent wont have non-combat support for the rest of the game.

Rating 3.0

Mewfive  Chi-Chi, the Wife Level 3 CS
Non-Combat destruction! Remove all of your opponent's Non-Combat cards in play from the game. Excellent. Orange decks will lose an Orange Focusing Drill and be safe for another turn, unless they get out another OFD and keep the cycle going, but that can only last three turns at most. Freestyle decks get shafted, their Mastery will not save them from removing Drills. Other Non-Combat reliant decks cannot save themselves from this Lv.3. The only good thing for those decks is almost nobody will play Chi-Chi in a real tournament.

Chi-Chi also has Motherly Rage, so if she somehow lost her power, she could still wreak havoc on Nons. You could use her in tandem with CIT, but what's the point? I'd rather take advantage of the fact that they have basically no Nons and try to get a few Drills into play (This is kinda like kicking someone when they're down, a strategy I always advocate in a game), seeing as Chi-Chi will be doing next to no damage on her own.
Standard - 2.4/5. If you can get here, you'll destroy Non-Combat heavy
TE - 2.6/5.
 Chi-Chi, The Wife #114 from Cell Saga

Power: When entering Combat, remove all of your opponent's Non-Combat cards in play from the game.

Now here is one of the best powers in the game (too bad you have to use
Chi-Chi to get it). If you haven't won by anger already, this power can be
devastating to a whole lot of decks (black cell saga mastery decks, carpet attack technique decks, dragon ball decks, freestyle decks, ...). I would say this is one of the only reasons to use a Chi-Chi deck. If this power was on anyone remotely good, it would have been changed immediately. The power is also when entering so Piccolo, The Trained can't stop it. If there are a lot of carpet attack technique decks, 3 level decks (that are not anger, they will most likely beat you), freestyle decks, or dragon ball decks, you might want to give this a try. I would personally use Energy attacks with this deck because Chi-Chi's power level sucks, and it doesn't matter for energies, also you can use underdog stuff and Piccolo's Power Balls with her.


Standard - 3.85 (Awesome Power)

Tuff Enuff - 2.25 (not that great in tuff enuff, Majin Buu would waste and
Chi-Chi deck)

Sealed Deck - 1.1 (random level 3's are not very good in sealed deck)
Vegeta77 Power: When entering Combat, remove all of your opponent's Non-Combat cards in play from the game

This boys and girls... is the level of Chi-Chi that turned some heads... The ability to remove all your opponents non-combat cards from the game every turn is just plain nice. Chi-Chi decks can actually do some decent damage with her level 1/Chi-Chi on the attacks... but his level is much more fun than damamge... See that your opponent is an Orange Deck... Hm... Maybe they are using Freestyle. Maybe your opponent is beating you with Dragonball decks... This level will lock em all down. The problem of course, is that it is a level 3. It isn't that hard to get there though... A clash or two... Transformation... Intensity drill... You can get there if you want to. If you actually have the guts to use chi-chi... have fun with this one

Standard (3.5 of 5.0)

Tuff Enuff (2.0 of 5.0) Just not to many non-combats here


Chi-Chi the Wife Level 3 CS

Now this card is one you can say goodbye to your opponents non-combats. The card's power is really useful because of some of the non-combats can be really annoying that you just want to tear the card up, but you can't. For example Champion Drill is annoying because your opponent get extra cards which may have more blocks and better attacks than you have at that point.

Standard: 3.8 out of 5.0

~*Melissa Low*~/*Videl* Trunks is soooooo hot! hehehe

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