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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

image from

Flash Attack

Majin Buu Saga

Reviewed 10.24.2003

Avg. Standard Rating: 3.70
Avg. TE: Rating: 4.23


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Matthew Low
10-24-03 – Friday

Broly, Super Saiyan Level 3 – Buu Saga – Broly Insert Insert/Promo - #3 Personality

Power: Physical attack doing +4 power stages of damage. If the top card of your discard pile is a Saiyan Style card the first time you perform this attack each Combat, then this attack may be used a second time this Combat, and all attacks you perform do +2 life cards of damage for the remainder of Combat.

If you do it right you can get 5 base damage with this guy. Talk about a jump in rank and power.

Let’s see… if you look at it right, his power can be: Physical attack doing +4 power stages and +2 life cards of damage, twice per combat, and all your other attacks get the +2 life too. What. Talk about a messed Red Shattering Leap or Saiyan Destiny.

Of course that’s if you have the Saiyan card on top. Otherwise his attack becomes a normal 4 stage physical that can be 9 if your opponent is at zero. So use this power when you have a Saiyan card on top of your discard. Broly wants to lay the beatdown. So let him.

Double attack cards in this game have always been very powerful due to the inherent card advantage, and Broly is no different. All you need in this guy’s case is to trap your opponent in combat without blocks, and you can easily deal 22 life cards with just his power, not including stuff like Cross Punch and Destiny that might be lurking in your hand. That should scare your opponent from attacking until he has a Pikkon’s Leg Catch. One combat can easily turn the tide of a game, especially as physical beatdown can add up.

His high power level allows him to now generally take full advantage of his special Broly subset cards like Saiyan Surprise and Saiyan Cliff Slam. It doesn’t take too long to get here with a little anger gain in the deck, and thus early control with your power level, big physicals, and great tech cards can give Broly a major advantage if used correctly.

The only problems with him are the fact that this level 3 is really only useful in Saiyan and nothing else. The other level 3 is not any better. Thus Red anger with Broly dies off after level 2 with no help at all.

And the other problem is the fact that his next two levels are junk. This level doesn’t give anger anyway, so yeah I guess you could say who cares, but people who want to gain anger do. And Kid Buu is bringing Broly cards according to Score’s website, so we can all pray for good stuff…

Then again you could just sit at level 3 and beat down with Broly’s big physicals. Makes sense to me.

Standard: 4.2 out of 5.0 (definitely powerful with dual attacks) Tuff Enuff: 4.3 out of 5.0 (ditto)

Sealed: N/A (you aren’t going to pull Broly)


Mewfive Broly Super Saiyan Level 3 Broly Subset
A physical for +4 once again. Yay? Anyway, if the top card of your discard
pile is Saiyan, you can use this again. Well, you're playing freaking
SAIYAN! Saiyan usually runs a lot of Saiyan cards because every Mastery has
been very beneficial if you use or draw a Saiyan card. Therefore, you should
be able to use this again, no problem. The only problem I see with using it
twice is Dying Planet or A Hero's Heart Is Strong, but your opponent would
have to be desperate or use a strategy that hates discard piles. All attacks
will also do +2 life this Combat. Nice, your second physical becomes a +4
stage/+2 life attack. Also, +2 life to any attack is just excellent. Standard - 3.6/5. Fun. ^_^ TE - 3.6/5.

Broly, Super Saiyan Level 3, from the Broly Subset

Power: Physical attack doing +4 power stages of damage. If the top card of
your discard pile is a Saiyan Style card the first time you perform this
attack each Combat, then this attack may be used a second time this Combat,
and all attacks you perform do +2 life cards of damage for the remainder of

Wow! Finally a really good Broly Level I can review. If the top card of your
discard pile is saiyan style, this power becomes like Cell's level 1
Hi-Tech, but 1 more stage each time, plus all your other attacks to +2 life!
This power is seriously awesome. This power is one of the main reasons why
so many Broly decks only go to level 3, that and in case they play roshi or
Supreme West Kai or someone like that. If you stay on this level and get
pretty good defense every combat, I don't see you losing too many games by
survival victory. Also, his power level is decent.


Standard - 3.5/5

Tuff Enuff - 4/5 (AWESORE POWER!)

Sealed Deck - 1.5/5 (only use this if you use Broly as your main
Broly, Super Saiyan (Lv.3)
    I don't have to say much about this card except that HE IS GOD!! 2 Attacks, a MAJOR Modifier, and a good power level. Saiyan Broly decks always stop here unless you want to use the New BEEF Level 4 I heard about. Oops. Oh well, I don't work for Score ^_^ Very similar, but because it's a level 3, it meets the required standards leaving your deck a card bigger.
    For Standard, this is hard to get to. But, b/c of this you can own almost any Lv.1-3 Deck like Roshi, SWK, or the old Saiyan Goku which is still popular. Also, with the Subset cards, you can almost destroy any deck w/ it's Metagaming beef w/ higher power stages.  Saiyan Broly Smash, discard Where There's Life There's Hope and Caught Off Guard Drill. I think so!
    Tuff Enuff this guy is SUPER SUPER EVIL if you get here. Broly's only weakness is his level 1. Because it's weak you could be at a big disadvantage. But, just remember to always pack Are You Tuff Enuff, Aura Clash, and Let the Games Begin if you played @ Worlds or went to ebay so you can get here.
Standard:  3.5/5
Tuff Enuff:  7/5 (I'm bias, I already mentioned that).

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