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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

image from

Android 20, Level 1

Androids Saga

Reviewed 10.xx.2003

Avg. Standard Rating: 2.75
Avg. TE: Rating: 3.00


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Matthew Low
10/13/03 – Monday

Android 20 Level 1 – Androids Saga
Rare - #118

Power: Lower Android 20 5 power stages to search your Life Deck or discard pile for any 1 personality with "Android" in the card title. Place the chosen personality card in play at 5 power stages above 0.

This week is dedicated to my sister’s Android 20 deck. Everyone say hi to my sister because she’s this week’s guest COTDer!

The biggest key with this Android 20 level is that you can get out an ally first move assuming you don’t get hit with some attack that lowers you stages. Even if you start at 2 above you can power up 2 and then Victorious Drill for 2 more stages.

Starting off with Android 14 is great; starting off with both 14 and 15 and being able to use both of them with South Kai is just wrong.

Android ally runs stuff to go to full like Gathering of Heroes to capitalize on cards like Super Android 13’s Destruction Bomb, and this one help out. Even if you go to full, you can easily drain with your power quite easily. That and a couple attacks will get you down, and besides, you don’t need to be at zero to be good. A14 says so.

Android 20 is an Android, so he has the luxury of cards like A13’s Prepared Stance. One of his greatest assets is the fact that he gets the Androids out quick style, and can take advantage of cards like Injured Circuits and Destruction Bomb early.

This level gets from the discard and life deck, so you can easily get who you want no matter if you lose it. And they do come in at a decent 5 stages, which can help a lot seeing the Androids are generally in the C bracket.

For some reason I like this level better than the CS one for android ally. Getting out an android every turn helps you take advantage with a massive android army. Speed is always good, and the upper levels only compliment him.

The other level is better as an ally because draining him to get another ally is hard when you need to be at zero in the first place. Big energy good.

Standard: 3.3 out of 5.0 (gets Androids out fast, but that’s really it) Tuff Enuff: 3.6 out of 5.0 (seems more prevalent in this format, wait till we get to level 3)

Sealed: 4.2 out of 5.0 (he’s an ally, always good to have allies in Sealed) ~matthewlow

Da Krillin
Monday - Android 20

Ahh, android 20, the ultimate ally deck main personality (well..maybe behind
cell >_>). This is the level you want to stay at only long enough to get
every Android ally in play. After that you will want to quickly advance to
level 2, since it's dead weight if you get them all out (well, he can
retrieve the allies from the discard pile..)

Standard: 2.00
Tuff Enuff: 2.35
Mewfive Android 20 Level 1 AS
Well, this power is self-explanatory - But then, this review'd be short. It works to pull an Android from the deck or discard pile and to play it at 5 above. Of course, this card works best in an Android deck that tries to get to Lvs.2 or 3 to do massive damage, no other decktype needs Androids half as much. Most people would use South Kai Sensei in an Android deck with this Lv.1. I do not. I'd rather have the stages to pay for this amazing power (which will net me perhaps 2 extra Androids) than play one Android, so East Kai is my Sensei of choice.

Standard - 2.8/5. A great card, but there is a lot of Ally hate in this

TE: 2.9/5. Ditto.

Android 20 #118 from Android Saga

Power: Lower Android 20 5 power stages to search your Life Deck or discard pile for any 1 personality with "Android" in the card title. Place the chosen personality card in play at 5 power stages above 0.

This card is good for android 20 android ally decks, you can just use your power instead having to rely on other ally getters. Not that Z Warriors Gather isn't a great card, but you could just get bad draws and never get it. This power is also good because you lower your power stages 5, so you are that much closer to 0 or 1 above already. Only use this card in an ally deck, obviously, otherwise use the other level 1. Not too bad of a card overall.


Standard - 2.75
Tuff Enuff - 2.75
Sealed Deck - 1.75 (I guess you could use him as an ally)
Vegeta77 Android 20 Level 1 AS

Power: Lower your Main Personality 5 power stages to search your Life Deck or discard pile for any 1 personality with "Android" in the card title. Place the cosen personality card in play at 5 power stages above 0.

This was always one of those level 1's you looked at and thought, "hey... that's not to bad". The problem with this personality is ally decks have never been a big deck. Most decks that revolve around allies will just use a z warriors gather to grab them all at once, or use cell jrs. which of course get themselves out.

The advantage of the personality is that not only does it get out an ally, you also lower your main personality 5 stages in order to help that ally take control of combat.

All in all, not a bad level, but with z warriors gather, south kai sensei, cell jr decks, etc... This card never has and never will see much play.

Standard (2.3)

Tuff Enuff (2.5)

Sealed Deck (1) Odds are you won't have any good allies

KingBroly Android 20 (Lv.1-AS)
Power: Lower Android 20 5 power stages to search your Life Deck or discard pile for any 1 personality with "Android" in the card title. Place the chosen personality in play at 5 power stages above 0.
This power is just calling out Allies. If you go with an Android Ally deck, this would be my pick. Mainly because it makes using Android powers easy. Getting Android 14, Android 15, or Android 19 would be a good bet here. It may not be a big attack like the Cell Saga level 1, but it is good to have a lot of Personalities out. Not only that, if the ally is discarded, you can still get them back. With the Android 13 Subset, this card became a lot better with allies.
Standard: 3/5
Tuff Enuff: 3/5

10/17/03 – Friday
Android 20, the Schemer Level 3 – Cell Saga
Starter - #187

Power: Physical attack doing +3 life cards of damage for every personality in play with the word "Android" in the title. This power may be used twice per Combat.

Can you say ow? I mean, if you get here with Androids out and your opponent has no blocks… think… 8 Androids +3 life each = 24 life x 2 times = 48 life = hurt really bad if it works.

Just beware of Trunks Swiftly Moving.

I mean, checking for blocks won’t be too hard with Prepared Stance for Staredown…

I mean, you can even try the broke level 3 power twice, Ki Push to level 2, and level again to 3 to lay massive beatdown.

Key is more androids = more fun. Big attacks = overkill. Overkill = good. If you dish it out.

This is one of the stronger level 3s in the game, but it relies on the Androids. Once you have them out and are up here, it won’t be easy to have blocks for two big physicals every turn. Not to mention Staredown.

Don’t forget you get to do some stages too. The life cards are a modifier.

The fact you get to use it twice is the key. You can easily abuse this and come back, all you need are Androids and a good combat in which to land some choice hits. Getting there is the key. If you do, you can win if played right.

Standard: 3.0 out of 5.0 (good level 3, get here and dish it out, but key is being able to hit decks like DB) Tuff Enuff: 3.8 out of 5.0 (level fast in this format, and big damage means overkill)
Sealed: 3.0 out of 5.0 (you’ll win if you get here probably, but if not, +3 life twice is good, and if your opponent is an android, 12 life…) ~matthewlow

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