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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

image from

Goku, the King's Pupil

World Games Saga

Reviewed 10.10.2003

Avg. Standard Rating: 3.49
Avg. TE: Rating: 3.40


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Matthew Low
10-10-03 – Friday

Goku, the King’s Pupil Level 4 – WGS
Rare - #131

Power: Once per game you may search either your Life Deck or your discard pile for up to 5 drills and place them into play.

LOL. You know at one time I thought this was one of the worst level 4s Goku could ever get… and now it is like the best one he has… depending on the deck.

Goku has a string of not getting outstanding level 4s. The URs disappoint many people, for stopping an energy and being able to deal 2 life for every energy didn’t help much compared to many other level 4s. The physical from CS was decent, but still weak. Then WGS brings us this… Drills at level 4? What was Score thinking? Thinking ahead, that’s what.

Most people would be like… what… who wants Drills at level 4 when you are about to win, and who runs Drills in a deck that levels… that’s what I thought… until Freestyle Mastery MBS came out, and by golly this level 4 is now sweet. You don’t lose your drills when you level, and you can easily AYTE/AC up here and get drills out quick style. I mean sure you only use it once, but when you pull COGDs, VQD, CD, VD, Devastation Drills, Absorbing Drills, etc, and have card advantage/defense up the wazoo, who really cares…

Even if you are losing, you can Goku’s Farewell up here for a timed win, and easily run your opponent out by just pulling Drills to help stall. Your drills have special defense with the Mastery, and thus it can’t be too bad.

Thing is, it only works in Drill decks. Most Drill decks are Freestyle for Goku, as I don’t see too many Orange ones around. It is still decent as most will run a couple drills like Champion and Victorious, so it can’t be too bad. Even anger could consider it, if it wanted to muster the challenge of running Drills in an anger deck…

Overall, use it in Freestyle Goku pretty much. DB can use this as well. The once per game can scare you, but the ability to do it and easily take the advantage is all you need.

Standard: 3.4 out of 5.0 (Free Goku + Drills + timed wins)

Tuff Enuff: 3.3 out of 5.0 (you’ll get up here easier)

Sealed: 2.0 out of 5.0 (only good to stop 3 anger wins) ~matthewlow

Mewfive Goku, the King's Pupil Level 4
Oh, yay, 5 Drills from the deck or discard! Freestyle eats this right up. 3
Devastation Drills coming up for +15 stages! Who does not love 5 Drills?
Plus, you can fish out a couple COGDs to prevent yourself from being sent to Lv.1 or being stopped from gaining anger if you wish. You can also use this in Colorless Goku Anger (if you reach Lv.4 off a BPS/ORA) to fish out a Blue Diving Punch Drill and gain even more anger. Heck, you can use this to keep Severe Bruises at bay if you wish.
Standard - 3.8/5. Delicious.
TE - 3.8/5.
Goku, the King's Pupil Level 4 #131 from World Games Saga

Power: Once per game you may search either your Life Deck or your discard pile for up to 5 drills and place them into play.

Man, this card can really be nasty to play against. The good thing is it is a level 4, and is a little hard to get to. Most of the time this card is
used is in Freestyle Goku decks that gain anger, or in any goku deck that uses the SS3 Goku Level 5 ultra rare (usually Goku's Farewell is played first to reach the level 5). This is one of the most powerful cards in the game, and can really change the way a match is going just by using his power. The power gets even better because you can search either your discard pile or life deck, so if someone already discrded all your good drills you can just get them out of your discard pile.


Standard - 3.75

Tuff Enuff - 3.5

Sealed Deck - 2.5 (only use this card if you have a lot of anger, or if you think there is a lot of anger in the tournament so your opponent can't win by anger.)
Vegeta77 Goku the King's Pupil

Power: Once per game, you may search either your life deck or discard pile for up to 5 drills and place them into play.

Now here's a level 4 for Goku that is actually pretty decent. Goku is most used in freestyle decks right now, and freestyle is great for protecting drills. The only problem with this card is that you must be at level 4 to use it. It isn't really hard to get to level 4, but by the time you do, your drills will more than likely be set up. If your drills have already been discarded then this is a great way to set them back up. Just make sure those drills aren't removed from the game.

Standard: (3.0 of 5.0)

Tuff Enuff: (3.0 of 5.0)

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