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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

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Pan, Granddaughter of Goku Level 1 Ė Kid Buu Saga

Reviewed 11.26.2003

Avg. Standard Rating: 2.65
Avg. TE: Rating: 2.56


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Matthew Low
 11/26/03 Ė Wednesday
Pan, Granddaughter of Goku Level 1 Ė Kid Buu Saga
Uncommon - #86

Power: Shuffle 1 card in your discard pile into your Life Deck for each Saiyan Heritage personality you have in play.

Pan owns! I said so.

She can only be used as an ally, but in a decent hero ally deck she can be immensely useful. Regeneration is one thing many ally decks lack because there isnít a lot of room for it. With Pan around, she can easily rejuvenate more cards in a couple turns than a regular ally deck is able to do the whole game.

Pan generally works with an army of Saiyan Heritage buddies, and thatís easily taken care of seeing many of them are great allies. Goten, Kid Trunks, Vegeta, Bardock, Trunks, Gohan, and to a certain extent Goku are decent. Pan included, this makes 8 a turn, which is just as good as Majin Buu Level 4. Pan also gets to pick too, which canít be bad.

Only problem is she depends on having other allies out. She does regenerate one choice card at least, two if your MP is Saiyan, so that canít be too bad anyway.

Think Chi-Chi the Grandmother for some fun. Or even some moreÖ Oolong herÖ

I will be playing Pan in my ally deck. I play all the listed allies except for Goku (who is temporarily taken out with the influx of broke allies like Pan, Yajirobe, King Kai, A18, and to an extent Bulma). I hope that when you make a hero ally deck, or a deck with a good amount of Saiyan Heritage personalities, that you donít overlook Pan. She has some nice potential. Regeneration is one thing ally decks have been lacking (mine had been as well until I switched to SWK). Try her out with tons of allies and youíll see.

Besides, it is Pan. Pan owns. I said so. Again.

Standard: 2.9 out of 5.0 (depends on how many Saiyan Heritage allies you can get out) Tuff Enuff: 2.8 out of 5.0 (ditto, regeneration helps a bunch in both formats because of choice cards needed for tech or just plain bigger life deck)
Sealed: 4.8 out of 5.0 (ally = good. Regeneration = even better) ~matthewlow
 Pan, Granddaughter of Goku Level 1
Alright time to review another fav character of mine. Pan's power is pretty decent. Shuffle back 1 card for each saiyan heritage personality you control. Lets see theres 6 if i counted right. So if you can get them all out, thats 6 cards of your choice back into your deck. Great for ally decks if they run all those personailties. She has a decent power rating to as well. Its believable unlike hercules level 1 from this set =/. So good ally to have for her ability to bring back cards just for having other allies out in play.

Rating 3.0
Robbie H.  Pan, Daughter of Goku Level 1: Shuffle 1 card in your discard pile into your Life Deck for each Saiyan Heritage personality you have in play.

Pan would be an excellent ally if you run all the saiyan heritage allies, of course. I would maybe try her as an MP in an saiyan energy deck with allies. Her PUR isn't very good so I wouldn't make a serious deck with her but she would be fun to play in Saiyan for regeneration I guess. Not really much to say about her but she would be a decent ally.

Standard- 1
TE- 1
 First, I just wanted to start out by saying that in a review I made last
week on the Yajirobe level 1, I was telling how his power could get fatherly
advice back, which is wrong. It clearly states in his power he can't get
non-combats that are restricted or limited to 1 per deck; so I just wanted
to point that out and hopefully you will ignore that part. Also, one more
thing, I just want to say that the GKI was really fun and I hope if anyone
went that is reading this did a lot better than me! I have to say that was
one of my worst tournaments ever! It pains me to remember, but I will just
tell you all how bad it was. Day 1 really messed me up with the "mystery
format" (big sealed deck tournament) and the rainbow format, that day I went a horrible 0-8, then just didn't play the other 2 rounds. So it was really pointless after that, although I did play Day 2 just for fun and did
moderately well. But the prizes were still really good; the card "you're
invited" is broken in any saiyan suicide deck! Anyway, on to the review.

Pan, Granddaughter Of Goku #66 from Kid Buu Saga

Power: Shuffle 1 card in your discard pile into your Life Deck for each
Saiyan Heritage personality you have in play.

I actually like this personality quite a bit. This card goes especially well
when using the new Chi-Chi level 1 from Kid Buu. If I figured this right,
you should be able to have a maximum of 6 cards regenerated every turn if you get to use this power; which in my opinion is pretty awesome for an
ally. At this point this card can only be played as an ally, so it will go
pretty well with any deck that uses a couple saiyan heritage personalities. I don't know if I should tell about this deck idea, but I am sure the creator won't mind, so; how about a Chi-Chi deck that uses Earth's Spirit Bomb, and uses saiyan heritage allies. With Pan in play you can get some cards back, plus with Chi-Chi as your main personality, after you use Earth's Spirit Bomb, just use Battle Pausing to get it back, because your allies can't be discarded/removed, and there is the game!


Standard - 3

Tuff Enuff - 3

Sealed Deck - 3.5 (level 1 ally = good)
KingBroly  Pan, Granddaughter of Pan (Lv.1)
Power - Shuffle 1 card in your discard pile into your Life Deck for each Saiyan Heritage personality you have in play.

Standard:  4/5
       Let's see: Goes from 99,000 to 1 million, which means weird power stages. Has a GODLY POWER as an ally. With Chi-Chi, Blitz!, Namekian Teamwork means that's a lot of reshuffling. Best part of it is you choose the Cards you get to put back in. Ouch. Talk about Top-Decking? Wow. Good cards every turn, sorta like Roshi. Then again you have Oolong to duplicate it. So, again a very good power. Only part part is that there's no Lv.2 or Lv.3 of Pan, which means in GT Only Play it becomes useless >_<

Tuff Enuff:  4/5
       If you have a MASS Regenerating card in Tuff Enuff, and you can use it constantly or two to three times you're set to go if you have a lot of allies.

Power: Shuffle 1 card in your discard pile into your Life Deck for each personality you have in play that has Saiyan Heritage.

Happy Turkey Week to all. I hope I'm not the only one who does a review today o.0 Shuffling a card back into your life deck. This could be good, but its just one card. I'd definitely run this in Saiyan ally decks (if anyone has any). If you could shuffle 4-5 cards of your choice back into your deck every combat though, that could be a force to be reckoned with. This could be good for an ally deck, allowing you to search and then shuffle your discarded searches back into the deck.

Standard - 2

Tuff Enuff - 2

Overall - Poor (although I hope Matt posts, I'm sure I'm overlooking some big combo ~_O)

Monday - Pan, Granddaughter of Goku

"Power: Shuffle 1 card in your discard pile into your Life Deck for each
Saiyan Heritage personality you have in play"

Grreat..looks like Saiyan Ally may start rearing it's ugly head..(if it
hasn't already :p.). many saiyan heritage personalities are
there? 15? Thats just a guess, but yeah..shoot..15 cards shuffled into your deck every combat is going to help a lot.. sadly, most of the saiyan
heritage personalities aren't much for allies (key words, MOSt..some are
good :p..)

Standard: 1.0
Tuff Enuff: 1.5

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