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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

image from

Yajirobe Retired Level 1

Kid Buu Saga

Reviewed 11.18.2003

Avg. Standard Rating:
Avg. TE: Rating:


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Matthew Low
Yajirobe Retired Level 1 – Kid Buu Saga
Uncommon - #91

Power: Choose a Non-Combat/Non-Drill card in your discard pile that is not limit 1 per deck or restricted and place it into play.

Why does Yajirobe have to be the good ally? I would have rather seen someone like Videl with this or someone else with a level 4, but Yajirobe… what…

The lazy dude has a good power. Why I don’t know. But he’s actually good. Even as a Main Personality he can be quite interesting.

This guy can pull a good non-combat from the discard. The restrictions severely limit what he can pull, but he can still pull some really good stuff. Think… Black Thought Focus, The Plan, Black Power Up, Black Searching Technique, Piccolo’s Flight, Hero’s Way, Z Warriors Gather, Krillin’s Concentration, Piccolo and Heroes Gather, Human Technology, or even Energy Gathering or The Help of Earth… hmm… do you see something here?

Yajirobe fuels Spirit Bomb so much it isn’t funny. He can pull one of the two elements each turn, if it is in the discard, and speed up the process. If it doesn’t seem to be in the discard, get something and Energy Lob it. Better yet, you can Energy Lob a non-combat and then have Yajirobe pull it back out. Try comboing him with Krillin Level 1 from WGS (you knew there had to be some point to him!). And if you really want speed, Oolong this guy.

You can even try him out as a MP. With the 0 PUR, he seems ideal for ally decks, and can easily speed up everything with quick pull of ZWG, and stays at zero a lot. Just try to avoid Aura Clash. That’s not good at all.

There just isn’t a lot of non-combat searching ability, and the fact that Yajirobe gets it into play immediately calls for use and reuse. Monitor your discard with this guy. He can be easily shut down with a simple Majin Buu’s Heel Kick or Dying Planet/City In Turmoil, but he’s still decent. The key with the guy is you need to watch all the tech against him, because he doesn’t have much going for him at all if he can’t pull nons to use.

He’s weak, but who really cares. Try him out. Best thing that comes to mind is Spirit Bomb. Run this guy if you see you have a ton of nons you can pull with this guy. And of course if you get to zero enough.

Standard: 3.7 out of 5.0 (depends on the deck, but hey, try him out in ally/non-combat heavy decks) Tuff Enuff: 3.1 out of 5.0 (not as many here, but why not Earth’s Spirit Bomb?)
Sealed: 4.0 out of 5.0 (allies are always good in this format, and you might pull something useful) ~matthewlow

Da Krillin
 Monday - Yajirobe Retired

Oh great..yet another card to help out those evil dragon ball decks.. He may not seem like much, with his MASSIVE PUR of..........0 :p. And his MASSIVE powerlevel of..1000. BUT, his power is jsut wrong and evil.. luckily most of the Dragon Ball Pulling cards are Restricted so Yaj can't grab that from the discard.. but he CAN grab those FUN Human Technoligies and other non-combats that abruptly end combat..grr...

Standard: 2.8
Tuff Enuff: 1.5
  Yajirobe, The Retired, Level 1: Power: Choose a Non-Combat/Non-Drill card in your discard pile that is not limit 1 per deck or restricted and place it into play.

Well the main thing I can say about Yajirobe is he is an excellent ally, especially if you have Earth's spirit Bomb in you sensei deck. You can get out those help of Earth or Energy Gathering really quickly with him and Oolong both in play. You could even use him as your MP in this sort of deck but you would have to be very careful because of his PUR. I would use him in combo with the blue cs mastery if I was using him as an MP. Other than a deck where you depend on your non combats he is not much help.

Standard- 1 unlees you are using ESB then 3.5
TE - Same here
 Yajirobe Retired Level 1, #91 from Kid Buu Saga

Power: Choose a Non-Combat/Non-Drill card in your discard pile that is not limit 1 per deck or restricted and place it into play.

There a couple of interesting things about this card. First of all, it is a
very good ally to have in most any ally deck. But the real can come when you use him as a main personality. You may notice his PUR is 0, so if you make a non tokui-waza deck with him you will be at 0 all the time once you get there. His power is actually pretty good as well. Let's see, I think I'll use Fatherly Advice, use my power, and use fatherly advice again. Just think if he is an ally and has blitz on him, once you get that fatherly out, your opponent will pay.


Standard - 2.75
Tuff Enuff - 3
Sealed Deck - 3.5 (level 1 ally, good power)
KingBroly 11-17: Yajirobe, Retired (Lv.1)

Standard Play: 3/5
Respect finally caught up with Yajirobe. For Standard Play, since there is a ton on Non-Combat discarding, you need a Personality to help that situation. Even though it doesn't help Removed Non-Combat's it does help. This power is the 2nd in a hopefully long line of Discard Pile Monster Personalities (1st being Yamcha, the Amazing). DragonBall decks w/ Yajirobe, I thought I'd never hear that. The best thing here is if he's an ally and you can use him with Blitz!, you'd get 3 DB's off of 1 card per turn. Ouch. But, you have to remember with a PUR of 0 and only going up to 1,000 he's not much when it comes to Powerful.

Tuff Enuff: 1/5
Why would you play this card in Tuff Enuff??? Maybe for a Freestyle Deck. But, other than that this is not really applicable.

AJC468 Yajirobe Retired Level 1:

Finally yajirobe becomes a playable main personality. This power can be comboed with a lot of cards for some rather nasty effects. Combining him with Earth Spirit Bomb makes bombing your opponent easier and faster. His power allows you to reuse good non combat cards twice in the same combat, and sets up others for every turn useage (Black Thought Focus comes to mind). He might even work as a dragonball MP, but he's still not quite up to roshi's level (black power up every combat helps if they don't use gk). He can pull out Hero's Way with his power for a massive hand next turn, upon which you can declared with orange might/goku's berserk for insane damage (rinse and repeat every turn till dead). With blue he can keep bring up healing cards like Watching From Afar, or you can pull out attacks like Blue Ki Build Up for even more damage. I'll leave the rest of the combos up for people to figure out, but those already make yajirobe worth playing (at least in fun decks). Watch out for Aura Clash (and any other level gaining cards), because off level one your stuck with one of the worst MP's in the game (there's always SKKP though).

Standard: 4
TE: 3.5

High ratings, maybe, but I just really like the idea that yajirobe is finally useable. I already made a black deck with him ^_^.

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