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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

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Orange Sneak Attack

Majin Buu Saga

Reviewed May 9, 2003

Avg. Standard Rating: 3.65
Avg. TE: Rating: 3.81


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Jesse Zeller
Orange Sneak Attack is another one of those “average” cards. There’s nothing I can praise about it. It serves as a…oh wait. I just read the card. I thought it said discard one copy. It says discard all copies. In that case, it’s actually quite decent. It can delay Cosmic Backlash decks because you would just kill Backlash from their life deck. But then they can get it from their discard pile, and that could be worse. But who cares? It’s a good card. I could see putting it into some decks.

Standard – 3.75/5

Tuff Enuff – pi/5 (just to make Pojo’s head explode doing calculations ;)

(Pojo Note: So I guess that's 3.1415926536..../5)

Da Krillin
Friday - Orange Sneak Attack

YAY! Finally an orange card that doesn't support the WGS orange mastery :p.....Haven't seen one of these for a while :D....this card is pretty can do a good amount of damage thanks to all the orange modifiers, and it can get rid of powerful physical attacks from your opponents life deck, or..just annoying ones -_-

Standard: 2.0
Tuff Enuff: 2.5
Mantis Man Friday -- Orange Sneak Attack

*gasp* An Orange energy attack! Hopefully this isn't the only one. But
even if it is, it's pretty sweet. This kills backlash. One of these, even
if it's not successful. That alone is worth the price of admission. But
even if your opponent isn't running backlash, this can get rid of a lot of
things that are causing you grief. Like Gohan's Kick, for example. I could make a list, but I got a card to review here. Other than the sweet
secondary power, it's a standard energy, 5 life, nothing to dance for joy about. I would run it in any orange deck, physical or energy. Might also be good for rainbow decks.

Standard 4.5/5 TE 4.5/5

--Mantis Man

Matthew Low
5/9/03 – Friday

Orange Sneak Attack – Buu Saga

Uncommon - #89

Energy Combat

Energy Attack doing 5 life cards of damage. Name a card that can perform a physical attack. Search your opponent’s Life Deck for all copies of that card and discard them.

What an interesting card. I can see this card getting a lot of play, and it might help bring back Orange Energy and/or Orange DB.

Generally this is a non-permanent Black Scout Maneuver for Orange. There are many physical attack cards that are extremely annoying; for example, Cosmic Backlash (who wants to lose to one card?), Straining Jump Kick Move (7 life, lose all drills and level 1 power bad), Gohan’s Kick (DB hates this card), and Red Shielded Strike (no energy combats not really cool either). Those are just examples, and with those gone, Orange has a chance many more decks, knowing that all copies of that specific card are gone (unless they are in the opponent’s hand).

The 5 life cards isn’t shabby either. In DB, this can mean it can steal a DB when it isn’t even trying to. In regular Energy Beatdown, this card is just there to annoy physical attacks, which will help a lot when planning an energy beatdown with multiple Scatter Shots and Goku’s Blinding Strike.

What makes this card extremely strong is the fact that what it does is a secondary effect. With this in mind, there’s no stopping it, while it can easily combo with cards like Dying Planet to make those cards gone forever. The fact that it can indirectly save a deck from specific tech allows it to move more smoothly with one less problem in its way.

I can see this card being a new staple in Orange Energy Beatdown decks. Note that it might find a home in some non-Tokui-Waza decks, but then again it might just run Black Scout Maneuver instead.

Granted this card also indirectly can do an automatic 1-4 life cards of damage makes it almost like a really good Krillin’s Heat Seeking Blast that chooses the cards to get rid of.

Standard: 3.9 out of 5.0 (the amazing secondary effect says it all; can make or break a lot of things)

Tuff Enuff: 3.7 out of 5.0 (the attack isn’t very strong, while many cards that can be discarded are gone, but it still is very playable)

Sealed: 2.5 out of 5.0 (nice 5 life, and if one memorizes the deck list for starters, they can do a couple more life cards)


Orange Sneak Attack

It is rather fitting that the best description I can come up with is "whoa", as "The Matrix Reloaded" comes out in a matter of days. Aside from going insane waiting for it, I have (of course) been taking a good look at this card. At first, I thought I was drunk...there was no comprehendable way that what I was reading could be correct (Actually, I was sleepy...I thought it said "you win the game"). Even after figuring out what it actually says, I was amazed. It`s like a Black Scout Maneuver, except it`s orange, and it`s restricted to physical attacks. Anyways, it`s great when you fear cards like Gohan`s Kick, or have trouble not crapping in your pants when thinking about Gohan`s Power Hit (like a KHSB, except it`s an uber, and it`s a physical attack). Simply use this, and, well, your troubles go bye-bye. And the attack isn`t that bad, either...5 life cards for 2 power stages, not too bad. A great all around card. If you run Orange (or, if you are insane or inventive, no TW), this is certainly a card to keep. Put it in your`ll help. Alot.

Standard: 4/5
Tuff Enuff: 4.5/5

AJC468 Friday COTD

Orange Sneak Attack: Energy attack doing 5lc of damage.  Name a card that can perform a phy. attack.  Search your opponent's life deck for all copies of that card and discard them.

Wow this great is great, and it's not RFTGAU, if you declared a TW, or anything.  Of course, this is a must for all orange decks because getting rid of your opponent's best phy. attacks is great for keeping your power stages.  Plus you get to search your opponents life deck after you name, so you get to learn what other physical attacks they run and what their deck strategy is.  This is one of the few cards in the game that gives you this ability, which puts you at a major advantage.  I'm not using this card in an orange deck though, it's going straight into my Non TW Lord Slug Tuff Enuff deck.  Healing this card over and over until you discard all of your opponents phy. attacks is just wrong.  After that you can just heal without worry, plus damage from this attack adds up nicely.  Since physical decks are the most played deck type in TE, this card should see a lot of play.  No longer is gohan's kick a threat if you pull this quickly.  This card is some of the best orange has to offer, I see this card in every/if not all orange decks, plus in many Non TW decks as well.  \

Standard - 3.8
TE - 4.5

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