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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

image from

Freestyle Mastery

Majin Buu Saga

Reviewed May 7, 2003

Avg. Standard Rating: 4.38
Avg. TE Rating: 3.25


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Jesse Zeller
Freestyle Mastery –

People tried and tried to make a decent freestyle deck using the Freestyle Mastery from the World Games Saga. It just didn’t work. But then Score snapped out of whatever haze they were in and released a fairly decent Freestyle Mastery. This Freestyle Mastery almost acts as if it was an Orange Focusing Drill. And in some cases, it is even better than an Orange Focusing Drill. The power isn’t half bad either. Using Goku as your main personality? No problem, drop a lesser Goku named card and search for juicy cards such as Goku’s Physical Attack, or even better, Goku’s Dragon Ball Quest. Just watch out for North Kai Sensei.

Standard – 3.7/5: A new Dragon Ball deck archetype in our hands? We’ll see.

Tuff Enuff – 2/5: You really need colored cards to function well in Tuff Enuff. But you never know, Tien Freestyle could work for this format.

Da Krillin
Wednesday-Free Style Mastery

Is it just me? Or does this mastery do a bit too much ..first, it keeps your drills from being destroyed, and pretty much the only way to destroy your opponents drills if they have this mastery is to use North Kai Sensei (unless of course there are more cards that shut off masteries in Buu Saga). Second, it lets you get certain cards you need, when you need them -_-.....Free Style Dragonball will :p

Standard: 4.5
Tuff Enuff: 2.5
AJC468 Freestyle Mastery: Your Drills cannot be discarded for any reason while they are in play.  When entering combat you may discard a named card that matches your MP to search your life deck for a named card that matches your MP and place it into your hand.

Finally a Freestyle Mastery worth playing, lol.  This mastery opens up many combos with personalitys such as trunks, goku, and vegeta.  The new "Are You Talking To Me" redemption (which is now saidly closed so we'll have to buy the cards of eBay I guess) has a great named card for two of these personalities (we should see the great new goku named card available in the near future).  Vegeta's new named card combos well with this mastery and his lvl one from the WGS.  As long as his new named energy attack is successful you have an infinite combo on your hands since none of your vegeta named cards read RFTGAU anymore.  Of course, why a new freestyle mastery without more combos for one the best MP's out there, Goku.  Goku is undisputably the best MP for this mastery.  Goku Freestyle DB should be quite popular even if it's not as fast as roshi (you still have more sercurity).  The whole WGS lvl one Goku + Goku's DB Quest + Goku's Lucky Break + new Freestyle mastery equals a goku's db quest (and a dende db) every single combat so long as you keep the combo going (works well with goku's house since you need to keep GDBQ in your life deck).  As for TE combining goku's relentless spirit with this mastery should prove quite successful.  We may see some powerful new minimum card freestyle mastery goku decks soon.  Not a bad archtype if you ask me, although blue goku is still better.  Roshi decks would work well with this mastery since they could use more protection over their drills, but the bad out ways the good in this case (plus their aren't many/any good, roshi named cards.  Also, remember when using this mastery, your drills can still be RFTGAU.  This mastery is just what freestyle needed,  now a new playable TW has entered this card game.

Standard: 4
TE: 4
Mantis Man Wednesday -- Freestyle Mastery

Wow. This is SO much better than the World Games Freestyle Mastery. Everybody's so focused on the drill protection that they don't see the other possibilities with this mastery. Tien's Flight decks are gonna get a real shot in the arm with this one, not to mention Trunks freestyle. There are so many decks that could make use of that ability to search for a named card... (Goku's Physical Attack? Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast? Trunks Energy Sphere?) But something we must keep in mind here, is that your drills are not indestructible. They can't be discarded, but they can still be removed. Which is a good thing, in my opinion, otherwise this mastery would be broken as heck. :p

Standard 4.5/5 TE 4/5

--Mantis Man
Freestyle Mastery (From Buu saga)

So, our Buu rampage continues! Today we are looking at the card that will most likely make or break your Worlds chances. Two type of decks seem to be most useable with this mastery: Trunks Sword and Goku DB. The decks and the associated combos pretty much explain themselves, so I won`t go into detail. Reguardless, this is an awesome mastery (possibly the best one yet), and will see incredibly wide use. The only flaw I can see is that since it requires Freestyle TW, great drills like Orange Joint Restraints Drill (for the Sword deck), cannot be used.

Standard: 4.75/5
Tuff Enuff: 4.5/5

Matthew Low
05/07/03 – Wednesday

Freestyle Mastery – Buu Saga
Rare - #131

Your Drills cannot be discarded for any reason while they are in play. When entering Combat, you may discard a Named card that matches your Main Personality to search your Life Deck for a Named card that matches your Main Personality and place it into your hand.

This card is so wrong. Seriously.

This Mastery allows the user to jump levels and keep their Drills. So many cards out there only discard Drills, and those go to the scrap heap. Now removing Drills will have to be the rage. And how often will that work against Dragon Ball decks? I wonder…

North Kai will gain a lot of playing time with this Mastery running around. Players with this Mastery will have to watch the Kai for sure. Other than that, Drill insurance is pretty much there. I mean… use Caught Off Guard Drill to rid the world of cards like City in Turmoil and Android 17 Smirks.

There are a ton of amazing Freestyle Drills like Energy Empowerment Drill, Android 20’s Absorbing Drill, and Caught Off Guard Drill. With the right Drill, this deck can become very annoying to decks that can’t remove Drills. Even gaining levels is out of the question. Actually, that might be a good thing… keeping drills from one level to another can be good.

And then there is the other thing. The discard a Named card to get another thing. That just makes this Mastery amazing. There are so many characters with really good named cards like Goku, Tien, Krillin, Cell, Vegeta, Gohan, and… I can go on and on. The sheer fact you can ditch a card you can’t use and get a key card makes this work nicely. Hmm… I’m Goku… I need Goku’s Physical Attack… let’s go get it… Tien needs his Flight, Krillin wants a Heat Seeking Blast, Cell needs to use Instant Transmission, Vegeta wants to Lurk, and Gohan needs to Kick… yep, lots of fun. And that means you can go run some non-combat cards that are named by your main personality with the sheer fact that you can ditch them to your mastery makes you have a smaller percentage of dead hands.

This Mastery can be used with nearly anyone with the Drills thing to keep in mind. The ability to control your drills makes this Mastery a candidate for Dragon Ball decks as well as beatdown decks using characters that have named cards. Gohan from Babidi Saga might make a presence if Piccolo somehow goes away, and Krillin from CCPP2 might as well. Older characters that get some nice named cards like Frieza might be able to work around with this Mastery. And of course, we can’t forget Krillin and the fact he can now use Krillin’s Drill some what effectively… while Trunks will probably make a comeback as a Dragon Ball player with Guardian Drills… if Piccolo goes away…

I know for sure this Mastery will bring amazing archtypes. I’ve thought up a ton of fun ones, to use with this Mastery. This is sort of the kind of Mastery I’ve always thought of. The funny thing is I thought that Score was going to make a Named card Mastery after they announced the 7th style, and lo and behold… this thing.

Standard: 4.8 out of 5.0 (the sheer power of this Mastery will create a lot of archtypes to come, and powerful ones at that) Tuff Enuff: 4.6 out of 5.0 (even drills can stay around, but Dragon Balls will surely die off)

Sealed: 2.5 out of 5.0 (you probably won’t pull Drills in Sealed, and this Mastery won’t do a lot in Sealed… but a Mastery is not a bad thing in Sealed)

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