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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

image from

Majin Buu, Pink People Eater

Majin Buu Saga

Reviewed May 28, 2003

Avg. Standard Rating: 3.30
Avg. TE: Rating: 3.94


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Da Krillin
Wednesday - Majin Buu, Pink People eater..

Great name 0_o, probably the best name for a card ..well, aside from Whose Da Man, Cookie!, and The Power of the cookie, but yeah :p..

Anyway, he's got an amazing power, though you have to actually take damage from attacks performed in combat for it to actually work :p, the fact it shuts off your endurance weakens it a great deal. Endurance can be very helpful in a game and can keep you alive at times, though if your opponent has Chi-Chi's cheering drill out, or you're using a deck that isnt'
declaring a Tokui-Waza, it really isn't that big of a deal :)

Standard: 2.6
Tuff Enuff: 4.2
Mantis Man Wednesday -- Majin Buu, Pink People Eater Level 3

First off, that name rocks. =P Now, on to the actual usefulness of the
card. It would seem our friend Buu has a built in Krillin's Physical
Defense. A neat trick, but not a really big deal. Still, it's always goo
to see a non saiyan with some kind of card drawing ability. Then you have
the no endurance rule. That kinda bites, but if you've got decent blocks,
you really won't have to worry about it. And then, all physicals do +3...
awesome. Overall, Buu screams beatdown and regen, shame he's not a
namekian, or we'd all be in trouble. =P

Standard: 4/5 TE: 4/5

--Mantis Man
AJC468 Hey, I'm back


#196 - Majin Buu(r) , Pink People Eater (Level 3) - Constant Combat Power: You cannot use Endurance. The first life card of damage from the first 2 successful attacks performed against you are placed in your hand instead of discarded or removed from the game. All of your physical attacks do +3 power stages of damage.

This stage of majin buu goes well with the beatdown HT's of MB. While this stage 3 would not be the best choice for the alternate HT's, it's still good. Here's the good and bad points on this stage of Majin Buu.

The Bad:
1. Can't use endurance
2. Doesn't fit well with the regeneration/healing buus

The Good:
1. Your opponent's attack damage gives you a larger hand
2. All your physical attacks get a red CS mastery damage increase

All in all, this buu is a great MP. The good parts of this MP are much better than they are bad. He's no 18, roshi, or goku, but he's still nice for your deck, and there's no MP that has a card name with weird, lol.

Standard: 2
TE: 3

Matthew Low
Wednesday – 5/28/03

Majin Buu, Pink People Eater Level 3 – Buu Saga

Starter Personality - #196


Constant Combat Power: You cannot use Endurance. The first life card of damage from the first 2 successful attacks performed against you are placed in your hand instead of discarded or removed from the game. All of your physical attacks do +3 power stages of damage.

Oh my gosh this is wrong. Not only is the power wrong, the title is wrong as well.

Not being able to use Endurance is not something Buu should be upset about, as I can see some interesting Rainbow Buu decks with the Level 1 non HT. Then again, Buu would also work nicely in physical decks with Black or Red, even Orange or the new Blue.

His power generally gives you two extra card draws, which is amazing. Most decks will deal life cards of damage, allowing you to gain another card. This will often scare your opponent from dealing life cards, which you can use to your advantage.

Another modifier to his physical attacks is just frosting on the cake with his insane power levels. That said, with a well placed Gohan’s Kick, Majin Buu Physical can take a while toll on the environment. Of course, we all have to see where the environment goes to say for sure. Piccolo and Android 14 might have a minor problem with their energies give Buu two extra cards to beat them in with, not to mention the physical damage Buu does with a simple physical.

This is also a level 3, and it won’t be easy to get there with Buu’s lower levels not associating with anger. I can see this level being used a lot in TE, for all of Buu’s levels are quite solid and look like they can withstand a lot in TE.

This power won’t do much against DB decks and minimal to anger decks and DV decks, and a tiny bit to CB decks. It has the strongest advantage against energy decks, which is what is dominating the environment anyway. Buu probably will do something to the environment, but this level in itself will probably only impact TE in a major way (at least that’s what I think, don’t take my word for it).

Standard: 3.4 out of 5.0 (strong physical beatdown, hurts energy)

Tuff Enuff: 4.0 out of 5.0 (AYTE up to Buu’s higher levels for the smackdown)

Sealed: 4.2 out of 5.0 (anyone who pulls Buu in Sealed has the advantage by far)



Majin Buu, Pink People Eater LV3

This one wins the award for funniest name I`ve seen in a while...besides
Power of Cookies. But ignoring the name, it`s a pretty decent CARD as well.

The loss of Endurance is a blow, but this card MORE than makes up for it in 2 ways: Card advantage and power ups. Just imagine a Majin Buu Orange deck that uses the WGS mastery. On level 3 ALL attacks do at least +5 power stages! And with 5-6 cards EVERY TURN, you have a deck that can win within 4 combats. Throw in a Vegeta`s Quickness Drill, a Champion Drill, and other card advantage cards and you have a 1 turn kill deck. And best of all, King Kai`s New Home won`t effect it as you get a card for the first 2 attacks (provided they do life cards of damage), allowing you to make room for the extra cards each Attack Attacks phase. And on top of all that, you have a power level capable of doing 8 power stages of damage, along with the modifiers! (i.e., at max power against a power level of 0, with Orange WGS mastery and Orange Joint Restraints Drill in play, you have a 17 life card attack! Just imagine if that attack was a Raditz Flying Kick...oh, the possibilities!)

Standard: 4.5/5
TE: 4.5/5

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