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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

image from

Kid Trunks

Majin Buu Saga

Reviewed June 2, 2003

Avg. Standard Rating: 2.64
Avg. TE: Rating: 2.64


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Da Krillin
Friday - Kid Trunks

Yay, another set of Kid Trunks in the Buu Saga 0_o..yeah.. His level 1 has a decent power....5 life cards is nothing to sneeze at, but good ol' kid trunks can be knocked to 0 and still perform big scary things for immense life cards of damage. Super Arm Cannon Of Super Stuff, Android 13's Destruction Ball, etc., can all be performed for the mere cost of a life card, exciting, no? Its not bad..but its not great either :)

Standard: 1.9
Tuff Enuff: 2.8

Mantis Man Friday -- Kid Trunks Level 1

Kid Trunks continues to be energy based. Which I like. Not too much to say about the attack itself, 5 life, it's all good. But the effect... O_O Can anyone say no more lockdown, in your face, hahaha? Not only that, but this can make those costly energies a lot less costly. I dunno about you, but I'd rather pay one life than, oh, I dunno, like 6 stages for an energy, especially if you're dealing with a physical deck. Overall, awesome personality.

Standard: 4/5 TE: 2/5 (energy decks in TE just seem to... I dunno, suck)

--Mantis Man

Matthew Low
Kid Trunks Level 1 – Buu Saga
Starter Personality - #166

Power: Energy attack doing 5 life cards of damage. If successful, for the remainder of Combat you may discard the top card of your Life Deck instead of paying costs for any energy attacks Kid Trunks performs.

He’s not a bad ally. Actually, he’s a pretty good one. I can argue for this one and the WGS one and probably come to a stalemate. The WGS one does one less life and if stopped, he goes to full. The Buu one does one more life and if it hits, allows me to dish out energies with Kid Trunks at zero, which can help in the Group Attack area.

Right now I’m sticking with the WGS one, but this one needs to get some playtesting before anything is said and done.

That’s from the ally point of view. As a MP, he’s not shabby at all. The HT is pretty nice, focused for 3, makes all your other energies do +2 life if it hits. The HT can be more useful, but that forces you to use the level 2 HT, which is nice with removal, but the WGS one can be two energies and get to level 3 faster while the Buu one allows you to be a weird version of Android 14.

Kid Trunks has so many avenues to go after, including Fusion. With Fusion in mind, any of them would work if you ask me. I don’t see any of them standing out yet, but we probably will after we see all of Buu.

The only problem with this is Piccolo the Trained. When Kid Trunks sees him, he will have no power no matter what, which messes him up badly.

I can see Kid Trunks working nicely as he can play energy after energy without worrying about stages too much. Just a couple of stages and Kid Trunks can be on the way to be a Vegeta’s Energy Focus main personality. Try him out; he looks quite solid to be somewhat like the Krillin back in Trunks Saga. I can see him in many energy decks, especially ones that needs stages to run and don’t have them (in other words, don’t need Orange TS).

The fact that his levels all work together makes him pretty solid. The level 1 isn’t that bad, but more gamebreaking level ones like Piccolo and Cell would have a greater impact on the environment than a simple energy that allows you to keep dishing out more. It is still not bad though and can turn out to be pretty good.

Standard: 3.0 out of 5.0 (decent energy and constant)

Tuff Enuff: 3.4 out of 5.0 (smooth energy, up to level 3 and you’ll be on your way)

Sealed: 3.0 out of 5.0 (if there were more energies in sealed, Kid Trunks would own. But he’s better as an ally in this format.)

Kid Trunks LV1

Power: Energy attack doing 5 life cards of damage. If successful, for the remainder of Combat you may discard the top card of your Life Deck instead of paying costs for any energy attacks Kid Trunks performs.

Hmm...This card is average at best. An automatic Gohan`s Hidden Power, provided an attack is succesful. In my opinion, however, GHP is not especially helpful unless your PL is 0...meaning the only reason this power would be useful is if you are entering combat as the deffender...Weak PLs further hurt this card, making it useful only as a Gotenks-snatcher. Overall, I`d avoid this card.

Standard: 2/5
TE: 1.5/5
Mewfive Kid Trunks Lv.1

Well, it looks like Kid Trunks was made for energy once again. But how much better is this Lv.1 compared to his other Lv.1s? This one is an energy doing 5, and if successful, you may discard the top card of your deck to pay for all energies for this Combat. The HT is an energy doing 7, but you must discard the top 2 of your deck, and if it hits, you get the stages back. And the regular is an energy, if stopped, power up to full. I usually don't like discarding cards as a cost, especially for a personality power because if they stop the attack (They will also see it coming), you just lost the amount of life you paid and get nothing back. As for the regular World Games Saga versus the Buu Saga, it's a bit tougher to decide. Both of their powers are smaller than the HT's, but they both have better successful/if stopped effects. I like the World Games Lv.1, myself, but I like powering up more than paying life. There are ways to use this, but I just cannot see how about now.

Standard - 2.3/5
TE - Not too much better... 2.5/5.


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