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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

image from

Alt. Dende Dragon Ball 2

Majin Buu Saga

Reviewed May 19, 2003

Avg. Standard Rating: 2.79
Avg. TE: Rating 3.20


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Tuesday: Alt. Dende Dragon Ball 2

This is probably one of the better 'alternate' dende dragon balls, because it gives offensive decks an option to the 'stasis-esque' Dende Dragon Ball 2 from Cell Saga. I also am very intrigued by the fact that it has a permanent effect, as do many of the other new ADDBs. If you're going to be playing a beatdown deck w/ DDB3,5, and 7, you might's well toss this in, it won't hurt unless its captured.

Rating : 3/5
TE Rating: 3.5/5


Da Krillin
Monday - Alternate Dende Dragon Ball 2

YAY! Finally a new set of Dragonballs, this one is weird though (from what I've seen)

Finally, a dragonball that will actually be PROMINENT in TE rather than in STandard :p, run this in an Arqua Physical beatdown deck :-d, have Arqua's Arena out, be at level 3, be using the Red STyle CS Mastery and all of your attacks will do +11 stages, and thats without fun things like Hero's Drill and Krillin's Coolness Drill :p..

Standard: 1.5
Tuff Enuff: 3.0
Alt. Dende Dragon Ball 2 - Buu Saga
Common - #2
Dragon Ball -
Raise your Main Personality to his highest power stage. While you control this Dragon Ball, all of your physical attacks do +3 stages of damage.
Woo...a new set of DBs...finally.
Eh, but as far as DBs go...this one, I don't exactly like.
DBs are easily stealable, and if you're running this one in a physical beatdown deck, which is the only deck that I would use it in, then the whole point of it is shot. As soon as they steal it, bam...they power up to full. And, since you're a physical deck, that kinda shoots the whole idea in the foot.
So, while it is a good card, I personally see little reason in playign it...because, if your opponent steals it, it's bad....real bad. Unless, they're an energy deck. :-/
Anywhos, if these spiffy new DBs can be searched for with GDQ and such, I guess it'd be quite useful in DB the fact that it's a dragonball.
Overall, I don't like the risk involved with running this, in the event that you get paired up against a Red, Orange, Saiyan or any other type of Physical deck...which, people around my area at least seem to like.
Standard: 2/5...a DB. Good for DB decks. Wow. Bad though, if you get paired up against a Phys deck and they steal it...
Tuff Enuff: 2.5/5...No one plays DB here, but the extra modifier boost helps more in this format...
Sealed: 3/5...a power-up-to-full card, with a modifier for your physicals, which is tough to find in this format. I dunno, i just think DBs are harder to come by in this format, and I'd find it to be an advantage.

Matthew Low
5/19/03 - Monday

Alt. Dende Dragon Ball 2 - Buu Saga

Common - #2

Dragon Ball

Raise your Main Personality to his highest power stage. While you control this Dragon Ball, all of your physical attacks do +3 power stages of damage.

What an interesting concept. This Dragon Ball doesn't have an immediate effect attached to the normal go to full thing... instead it is a constant effect. This one mimics cards like Red Style Mastery CS and King Kai Thoughts.

This is one of the most interesting and useful of the DBs I've seen for this new set. I can see this DB going into physical beatdown decks, even if the deck is not supposed to run DBs. The sheer fact that characters like Cell can have two automatic physicals doing +6, even +9 with Red CS, and that's not even counting base or other possible modifiers makes this DB one you'd want to get rid of ASAP.

I would run this DB in any Red CS or Orange WGS deck right now, and possibly some Black TS physical and Saiyan physical decks. The down effect of it getting stolen generally won't hurt too much because of the fact that most decks that steal DBs are either energy based decks or DB decks. It won't be impossible to overcome the 10 stages, and can be quite possibly stolen back at the wrong time to continue a direct onslaught.

Also not that this is Dragon Ball 2, so we should look at the other option from the Cell Saga. That DB has a terrible effect if it gets stolen from you; a DB gets shuffled in. A good gamer knows to steal this DB first and send in one that won't hurt too bad to stall DB decks, unless there's something else more crucial like DDB3 and three beefy attacks that will totally screw over the DB deck. More likely than not, this Alt DB will probably be played over the original one because of the sheer fact it won't mess up DB deck strategy as much.

This interesting DB probably will see some play, but Namek 4 and Earth 7 are still the defining DBs of the game. I still see this one as quite powerful and probably will even see some Tuff Enuff play because of the effect, not because it is a Dragon Ball.

Standard: 3.7 out of 5.0 (it has more than one purpose, going into multiple decks... if Dende DB decks take over instead of Earth DB, we'll be seeing this DB probably being played over the older version)

Tuff Enuff: 3.0 out of 5.0 (DBs get stolen so quickly in this format, but I see this DB still being powerful because it can contribute to some overkills and a ton of damage in a direct onslaught after a quick Gohan's Kick)

Sealed: 3.8 out of 5.0 (if a physical based character pulls this DB and quite a few physicals, and manage to make this hit, you can pretty much say game - energy attacks generally are the only way to get DBs easy (physicals are harder), and with this card giving a lot of stages of damage, I don't see many energies being able to be played)

Mewfive Alt. Dende Dragon Ball 2

Well, it's nice to see that we still get the powering up of the old Dende
Dragon Balls. There are a couple possibilities with this card. First, you
have the choice between this and the old Dende Dragon Ball 2. Your typical Dragon Ball deck will consist of ending Combat, and not attacking, so the new DDB 2 has no use for your typical DDB deck.
And now on to the interesting part, physical beatdown decks. This is the second best modifier ever made, first is Black Style Mastery TS. This card can be used in tandem extremely well with certain Masteries, such as Black TS, Red CS, and even Orange WGS because of Orange Joint Restraint Drill.

This card makes it so you can add about 5 or so stages to every attack with those three Masteries with minimal effort. However, there's a down side: With such a good DB, it would be captured back and forth numerous times, and a normal DB deck would be able to hang onto this DB for a while. Goku's Capturing Drill can solve this problem for ebatdown, but then that Drill gets discarded or removed, and beatdown decks (Usually, unless they rely upon Drills) cannot pull Drills out easily.

Rating: Standard- 3.75/5, it's good for those beatdown decks that want to add more damage with ease.

TE- 4/5, beatdown is more prevalent there.


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