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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

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Black Pivot Kick

Babidi Saga


Reviewed March 13, 2003


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Black Pivot Kick - Babidi Saga

Finally a black card that has a secondary effect that discard 1 ally or 1 non-combat. Thank you score now make another that isn't sensei deck only :P. Anyway this is a great addition to black decks. Instead of running stupid tricks or gohan meditates you have this nice attack that also does +3 power stages. Black Mastery TS bumps that up to +5 and +2 life cards not a bad attack at all. Plus theres the kicker, if you opponent doesn't discard a card from their hand you get to discard another non-combat or ally from the game. So chances are you're gonna get rid of 2 cards on the board unless they really wanna discard 1 of the 2 cards in their hand. Then here comes black body destruction. Though this card is sensei deck only you risk losing other great cards but you gain board control attacks which is always good to have in a game.

Rating 4.0
Rich Black Pivot Kick:

This card is a really good tech card. I expect to see most of the top tier
black decks to have this under their sensei decks, for insurance against DB decks and other tricky things.

Standard: 4/5
Tuff Enuff: 3/5
Chibi Black Pivot Kick

Black's biggest weakness has always been Non-Combat removal. Now, with Black Pivot Kick, everything changes. This card can be brutal if you hit your opponent with it at just the right time. You can
drive your opponent crazy, making them decide between their Non-Combat/Ally or a card in their hand. The only downside of this card being that it's Sensei Deck only. Of course, the benefits outway the downsides.

In Standard, you might lose some of your tech. against certain decks, but that's a chance you should be willing to make.

In Tuff Enuff, you'll probably be less worried about losing specific cards. With that in mind, this is a great choice for nearly all black decks. 4.8/5
reals Wednesday; Black Pivot Kick -

I love this card. It is so leet. Automatic discard of a non-combat OR ally, and it's not if you declared a TW, so that could help colorless decks too. =\ And if they don't wanna lose another baby, they must discard a card from they're hand. :O Leet, hand distruption or non-combat/ally destruction.


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