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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

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The Eternal Dragon’s Quest

Majin Buu Saga

Reviewed June 30, 2003

Avg. Standard Rating: 1.98


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Matthew Low
06/30/03 – Monday
The Eternal Dragon’s Quest – Buu Saga
Ultra Rare - #150

Power: Search your Life Deck and any cards in play for all the Dragon Balls you own and set them aside into a new stack. At the beginning of each of your turns, choose a Dragon Ball that is not in play from that stack and place it into play. Your card powers cannot end Combat for the remainder of the game. You may only use one copy of this card during the game.

Well… picking on Score are we? Be nice everyone, be nice…

Note that the text above is not what it says on the card, but that’s what it has been errated to. And thus… now it is about 10% as good as it used to be.

This card used to be used to kill of Dragon Ball decks with the last sentence that said Combat cannot be ended for the remainder of the game. The addition of the word “Your” defeated the whole purpose. Now it only goes in random DB decks that try to win this way (not recommended), and decks that just want the DB’s powers.

Anger can benefit from this with the Earth DBs. Timely placing of Earth DB 4, 5, 3, and 7 can provide a great boost to even beatdown decks with the added card draw. The major problem is the haphazard of getting them stolen. Other decks like physical beats can benefit for DDB2, and energy decks can use the Dende DBs to go to full every turn. Namek DBs can screw over DB decks for a bit with 4 and 7.

There are a lot of options with this card, but it wouldn’t be considered a great UR. The main use of the card was shot down, and now very few people would use it in a competitive deck. It can be used for fun by all means, and can add an unexpected punch to your deck when pulled off. It can of course reuse Dragon Ball abilities more than once, which can prove life saving.

It used to be able to be used over and over in conjunction with DDB5 and Alt DDB5 to pretty much live forever… but that was shot down as well.

Anyway, it is still a decent UR in my opinion. It can work in decks revolved around it as well as decks who want DBs just for the powers.

Standard: 2.1 out of 5.0 (interesting combos with this card; new DB archtype with it; but overall still a haphazard) Tuff Enuff: 1.2 out of 5.0 (can’t win by DB, can’t win by anger, energy… yes… but you’ll get them stolen so fast)

Sealed: 3.0 out of 5.0 (can help; you might pull some DBs from your packs and be able to go to full and gain a minor advantage) ~matthewlow

The Eternal Dragon's Quest

Nice one, Score. The errata on this card does not necessarily make it
unplayable, but now it loses all appeal. Most people would have used it to shut down Roshi decks before the errata. Now it would only be used in a DB deck or a deck with a DB backup. The only good thing is I did not trade a UR for this. I'll shut up now, so this stays a PG review.

Standard - 1.5/5. Makes your deck predictable now.
TE - .1/5

reals Monday - EDQ

Wow this card used to be really good. Now it just plain sucks. Well, it's not that bad. I'd consider using it in anger, get EDB 3, 4, and 5 out or whatever, and gain anger and draw cards. Overall this card is horrible. =/

standard: 1.5/5

AJC468 Today's COTD was a very useful ultra rare, The Eternal Dragon's Quest. It is still playable, but it no longer has the much needed tech against db decks. The ability for no one to end combat really messed up a db deck if you pulled it off early. After the errata, the major db tech was gone, making this card much less playable.

This card can allow you to win by db victory in 7 turns assuming nothing goes wrong. The chances are high, that in standard, something will go wrong ;). This card can also allow you to reuse db powers one more time, which is quite useful. You get to pick which db comes into play at the beginning of each of your turns. This allows you get the db which is most useful in your current situation, and this helps a good bit.

My advice is to never make a deck based around this card, but instead use it as a support victory in a non pure db deck. Just remember, you can't end combat, but your opponent can. Hopefully Score will change this card back, but until then this card is just average. Roshi DB remains overpowered >_<.

Standard: 3
TE: 2 (if you like using your db powers that much)
Proxy The Eternal Dragons Quest - Buu Saga
Ultra Rare - #157

Power: Search your Life Deck and any cards in play for all the Dragon Balls you own and set them aside into a new stack. At the beginning of each of your turns, choose a Dragon Ball that is not in play from that stack and place it into play. Card powers cannot end Combat for the remainder of the game.

Meh, with the new CRD limiting it so much, this card has become dirt in the eyes of many, many players. But, in my opinion, it will still be useful, just not in the way everyone else was thinking...

Instead of shutting down DB decks, now it has only has the ability to be used in a DB deck itself.

I'd use it in a deck that would be used solely for abusing the DB using the over and over. Get some into play, then use this. Say...Alt. Dende DBs, particularly #7...

Standard: 2/5...pre-errata, i'd have given it a 5, but...they just weakened it so much. It's still useful, but not in as many decks.

TuffEnuff: .5/5...just don't.

Team Scrub Eternal Dragon's Quest

When I pulled this card, I uttered 3 words... "rofl n00b gg". I did not feel worthy. Me, a scrub pulling possibly the biggest anti-ball card! Then, the folks at Score decided to errat it to only 1 per deck. Wow...if you ended up pulling two...then that may apply but who would run two ?_? The they screwed it up. They made it so only you couldn't end combat. Why would you use this card now?

Possible good points to this card - Gurantees 7 balls in 7 of your turns.

Possible bad points to this card - You cannot end combat and usually ball decks get 2-3 balls out per combat. This greatly slows you down.

All in all, the only use I could find for this card is...if you were lost in the woods and needed toilet paper o.0

Tuff Enuff - 0.001

Standard - 1.579

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