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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

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Majin Buu Saga

Reviewed June 27, 2003

Avg. Standard Rating: 1.72
Avg. TE: Rating: 1.68


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.


This is just wrong!

I woke up this morning and actually got to work early for once, here I am thinking it's gonna be a good day at the office and what's the first thing I see in my Inbox? An e-mail from the all mighty Pojosama with one of the biggest guilt trips I have ever seen. It was something along the lines of....

"IQ I know how great you are and I just wanted to take up a few precious seconds of your time to request that you would consider writing a COTD review for the card Deal! If you write one we'll break or set some sort of record and even though I could just review the card myself it wouldn't be a record if your COTD wasn't part of it. Don't do it for me, do it for all the children that check out the COTDs every day hoping to finally see one from you...."

Now tell me, what can I say to that eh? I can't let all my followers down and I haven't done a good old fashion rant in a while so ladies, gents, Pojosama = p brace yourselves because here we go.

The following COTD is intended for mature audiences, you must be 13 or older to read the following review or be under the supervision of an adult. O,O

Deal! is just one of those cards that makes me wonder how non-bright a person has to be to even consider playing it and what in the bloody hell Score's R&D team is on to release a card like this one. I thought the Saiyan Saga cards were bad but this POS takes the prize, who wouldn't want to play a card that their opponent just has to pay one power stage to cancel? Talk about consistency... or lack there of.

So why is this card a rare? Maybe it's because the R&D realize their mistake of even considering to release this card figured by making it a rare a smaller portion of the players would be expose to it. All I can say is that I hope whoever came up with the effect for this card is not allowed to design anymore cards because I can think of Saiyan Saga commons that I can get more use out of than this @^%$^&@$*^%@^&^@$%@%$( &#%^$&%$#&%*$ card!!!!

If that wasn't enough to make the card completely unplayable it's limited to 1 per deck. Why is it limited you ask? No, it's not because if you could have 3 in a deck you'll have some super broken combo but because you'll be made fun of enough for having one copy of this pile in your deck and it would just be wrong to allow a player to embarrass himself by using 3 copies of this card.

Rating: It's just not worth it. ~.0

[[Note: The word "card" was used when referring to this "card" for the lack of a better term that wouldn't make the sensors go all sorts of crazy]]

Matthew Low
06/27/03 – Friday
Deal! – Buu Saga
Rare - #139

Your opponent’s Main Personality may pay 1 power stage to stop this effect. Both players may search their Life Deck for any card (including a Dragon Ball) and place it into their hand without revealing it. Limit 1 per deck.

How bad can you get? When you look at it, you may think combo all over, but in reality it really bites.

You can search your deck and get any card, but so can your opponent. The thing is… your opponent will most likely get something that will counter either the situation or the card that you get, and thus, it throws the whole idea of the card out of the water. If you have a lot of allies, most likely your opponent will go get Cell’s Presence, and you’ll have to go get Trunks Energy Sphere. Thus, it becomes an endless cycle.

You also give your opponent card advantage. You lose Deal, one card, and gain one, while your opponent also gains one. This will destroy a lot of the point of this card, as helping your opponent is not a smart thing to do. They’ll be able to get one more attack in or one more effect in.

The other thing is the first sentence. Great. So if you can get something that will totally change the situation into your favor, your opponent won’t be really stupid and pay the one stage. Thus, it is a lose lose situation. You’ll either waste this card or allow your opponent to get the upper hand.

I mean, sure you can get a minor advantage if you get a great card over your opponent, but the chances of that are slim. Most likely your opponent will get the better Deal, so you should try and keep away.

Standard: 1.3 out of 5.0 (just all around lose lose)
Tuff Enuff: 1.2 out of 5.0 (ditto)
Sealed: 1.2 out of 5.0 (might help… a tiny bit)

Jesse Zeller
Deal –

This card is a poor-man’s Fatherly Advice. In fact, it’s pretty horrible. Because your opponent doesn’t even need to Sphere the card, to stop it. And even then, since it is in place of an attack on your side, your opponent can just get a card to kill you, or end combat, or something good like that. If one of you great players out there can find a way to break this card, tell us! If not, just stick to Fatherly Advice.

Standard – 1/5
Tuff Enuff – 1/5

Deal! - Majin Buu Saga - Rare

Meh. Its so easy to stop. Its not even worth it. Anyway if your opponent doesnt chose to pay 1 power stage you and your opponent search your decks for 1 card and put it into your hand without revealing it. Half the time your opponent will just get staredown and look at your hand. But heck its 1 power stage so it doesnt matter. They will probably stop it. This rare could have been alot better.

Rating 1.0


Da Krillin


This isn't a very good car,d in my opiinon :p, it lets your opponent pull
any card they need, a card that could end the game, a card that could ruin the combat....etc., it's just wrong.. even if it DOES let you get a card too..

Of course..if you knock them to 0 with heavy physicals (or if they just use an ally deck), this card can be better than even Fatherly Advice :)... This card is only good in certain situations so..yeah..
Mantis Man Friday- Deal!

I have been getting mixed opinions about this card, but personally, I like it. It can get you a db for pete's sake! Granted, it can also get your
opponent a HUH??? But why would you risk getting out a db if you knew HUH was in their deck? The only real problem is it is really easy to stop. I run it in my deck for a number of reasons, but it's obviously not going to work for every deck.

Standard: 3.5 TE: 3.5

--Mantis Man
Friday: Deal!

"How about we get you a date with a real-life Earth woman?"...I find the quote on this card to be rather amusing. This one is even more...interesting (those who know me in real life know that I use that word constantly)...than Cookie!. The first part seems bad, but it`s actually a nice way to guage what your opponent has left. If they don`t pay 1 PS, they seem to believe they have a card that can do serious damage to you. If they do, they`re deck is wiped out...or they`re scared of what you can do with the card you get. The DB thing suprises me, though...With all the Staredowns and other hand
discarders being played, why would you ever get one?

Standard: 4/5
TE: 4/5
Deal! - Buu Saga
Rare - # 129
Power: Your opponent's Main Personality may pay 1 power stage to stop this effect. Both players may search their Life Deck for any card (including a Dragon Ball) and place it into their hand without revealing it. Limit 1 per deck.
Hmmm...this card can lead for a very interesting combat for you and your opponent, to say the least...
I'd use it in decks that strongly rely on combos, as you could use it to pull out that last needed card. But, can be used anywhere. It's pretty risky, though.
It's nice,'s very, very easily stopped, and it's limit one per, those kind of kill any possible way of it being used to it's fullest.
Standard: 2/5...pull out that anti-anger or anti-db card that you really need to stop them form winning. Of course, your opponent would probably just pay the stage...
TuffEnuff: 2/ can be used to pull out that one card you need to "lay the smack down"...heh.
-InsanicChaosity (aka Proxy)
Mewfive Deal!

A Hero's Lucky Break for both players, but can play anything. Fun. It sounds nice on the surface, but there are two reasons I would not use this card. The first one would be that this card's effect can be stopped with ease. Your opponent only has to pay one stage. Unless you're playing lockdown or a physical deck, odds are your opponent will have that one stage. I know for a fact that I would stop it, unless I can get that key Drill or DB to complete my setup for something or another. If a DB deck was ever silly enough to use this, I'd stop it no matter what. You'll always have a stage against them. The second reason is giving your opponent the same ability. Even if you get over the fear of this being easily stopped, do you really want your opponent to play that DB or Non-Combat that will haunt you later? I would think not. Standard - 1.2/5. Play this if you're desperate. TE - 1/5

AJC 468 Today's COTD is Deal! Not a very good card at all really, and your opponent only has to pay one ps to negate the effect. I wouldn't run this in any deck. Most of the time if your opponent agrees you will both get stop alls ending in a stand by. Or someone might get a gohans kick and mess up your careful plans. Anyway you look at it, don't run this card >_<.

Standard: 1.5

TE: 1.5


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