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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

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Majin Buu Saga

Reviewed June 25, 2003

Avg. Standard Rating: 3.66
Avg. TE: Rating: 4.01


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.


I like this card a lot. It's not restricted so it can loop with itself
(other 2 copies), and its a strong regen card. On top of the usual regen, it powers you up to full and raises your anger one. Not the best for drill decks if you plan to reuse these a lot, but very good nonetheless. Too bad its a noncombat, otherwise I think I'd <3 this card veddy veddy much.

Rating (If you're buu, obv.) : 3.5/5

AJC468 Todays COTD is Cookie!  This is a Majin Buu only card,  so its playablity is rather restricted.  This is still a very good card, and can be search for by Majin Buu's Magical Ray, which is also Majin Buu Only.  This card reminds me of namekian focusing effort, except you heal two more cards.  There are two HT sets of Majin Buu, and this card is a staple in a deck with his "defense" HT set.  Healing any 5 cards you want can be a real game saver.  The power up to full helps as well, giving you more power stages for energies.  It's hard to rate this card since it's "MB Only", so I'll rate it in two ways.  One for how it works in MB decks, and the second for my normal ratings that I do for every card.

For Majin Buu Decks in Standard: 4.2 (goes great in all buu decks)
For Majin Buu Decks in TE: 4.6 (works even better in TE for buu)

Standard: 3 (normal rating, this is what I really give this card)
TE: 3.5 (normal rating, this is what I really give this card)

This card is great for buu decks, but I have to give lower marks since it can be used by only one MP unlike so many other good cards. 


Da Krillin

Here's another one of those evil majin buu cards...(is it just me, or is he
just al ittle powerful :p). Anyway, this deck lets you choose ANY 5 cards
from your discard pile, raises you to full, and if you have majin buu's
magical ray (another evil buu card...) in your discard pile, it just goes
back in your deck 0_0.....It's Majin Buu only though, and..usually when a
card is restricted to only one personality using it, it weakens it, but
heck, everyone will be running buu pretty soon (I mean, if they don't have
Roshi :p)..

Standard: 1.9
tuff Enuff: 2.5
Mantis Man Wednesday- Cookie!

This card's awesome. It's like a mini Dende DB 5 for Buu. Of course,
without Majin Buu's Magical Ray in your deck, this can only be used so many
times. Still, regen 5, go to full and raise your anger 1, I don't know of a
deck that wouldn't benefit from that. Good solid staple for most Buu decks.

Standard: 5 TE: 5
Wednesday: Cookie! interesting card. IQ seems to be on a cookie streak...First Power of Cookies, now this...interesting. Overall, a solid recovery card...With all the PAs Buu has in his powers, this card can be very brutal...And the removal thingy is are (obv) the 5 cards. Good card overall. Shame it`s Majin Buu only...

Standard: 3.5/5
TE: 4/5
Cookie! - Buu Saga
Uncommon - #62
Power: Majin Buu only. Raise Majin Buu to his highest power stage. Shuffle 5 cards from your discard pile into your Life Deck. Raise your anger 1 level. You may remove a “Majin Buu’s Magical Ray” from your discard pile from the game to shuffle this card into your Life Deck after use.
This is a very nice card. Too bad it's Majin Buu only...>_<
Anywhos, every Buu deck should run at leats two of these. Why? Well, because it's just an all-around good healing card. Power up to full, shuffle any five cards back into your life deck. And, the whole shuffle-it-back-in thing is quite nice too.
So, in short, if you're running Buu, I'd suggest running this.
Standard: 3.5/'s nice, but not helpful against anger or dragonball at all.
TuffEnuff: 4.5/5....very nice here, those five cards could mean the game.
-InsanicChaosity (aka Proxy)
Mewfive Cookie!

Num nums! Mewfive like cookies! He also prefers chocolate chip. :p Anyway, on to the card itself. Majin Buu only. Power Buu up to full, raise
your anger 1, and rejuv five is the jist of what it does. What makes it a
kewl card is removing Majin Buu's Magical Ray from the discard to shuffle it
back in. I'd jump at that secondary effect in a heartbeat if I ever played
Buu. This card is a good card by itself, but even better if you remove Majin
Buu's Magical Ray. I'd use 3 of it in about any Majin Buu deck, whether
you're playing beats or defensive.
Standard - 4/5. Buu staple.
TE - 4/5

06/25/03 – Wednesday
Cookie! – Buu Saga
Uncommon - #62

Power: Majin Buu only. Raise Majin Buu to his highest power stage. Shuffle 5 cards from your discard pile into your Life Deck. Raise your anger 1 level. You may remove a “Majin Buu’s Magical Ray” from your discard pile from the game to shuffle this card into your Life Deck after use.

Another one of those fun cards that are bad. Well… sorta bad.

Majin Buu has to use this, so that cuts down on a lot of the discussion. Thus, let’s look at each aspect of the card.

Buu goes to full. This is nice against physical beatdown for sure. It helps in fueling energy attacks. Buu shouldn’t have too many problems with the regular blocks and his high Power Level. Hence, this is great, but not necessarily needed.

Buu gaining 5 cards is a plus, but with defensive Buu, don’t expect to be taking much damage at all. You’ll be regenerating cards so fast these 5 might not matter in the end after all.

The gain of 1 anger is helpful, but you might not need it. Buu anger isn’t that strong, and only 1 anger will probably not be enough to warrant it a good anger card. Useful in Buu anger, but you won’t see many of those.

Majin Buu’s Magical Ray… isn’t very good. Your opponent needs to play allies to make it work, and what if they don’t? Exactly. The Ray works with the Cookie, and if that Ray was good, Cookie would be good. It is not. Besides, it removes itself from the game, so there goes the multiple use of Cookie.

It all boils down to… nice looking non-combat with nice effects. Too bad Buu doesn’t really need them. If only it was a Combat card, then it would be a lot more playable. For now, just keep it as a fun card… run it in a Buu deck for fun if you wish, but I think you are much better off running a Combat card that does something similar because of the fact Non-Combats can clog your hand.

Standard: 1.9 out of 5.0 (it is a non-combat, still stronger things out there) Tuff Enuff: 2.0 out of 5.0 (effects will help more, but still a non-combat)
Sealed: 4.0 out of 5.0 (if you manage to pull both, welcome to heaven… you’ve just found a way to annoy the heck out of your opponent with instant comebacks… with cookies…) ~matthewlow

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