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Vegeta's Sacrifice

Majin Buu Saga

Reviewed June 23, 2003

Avg. Standard Rating: 1.2
Avg. TE: Rating 1.62


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Da Krillin
Vegeta's Sacrifice

This is an interesting can deliver massive damage, but thats not
always important :p, ..if this attack fails to destroy your opponent, you
lose the game. So if they are carrying a block, get endurance, or just
have more than 15 cards ni their life deck, yer dead :p..

If you couple it with lots of modifiers (Orange Aura Drill, etc.,), it will
have a much better chance of demolishing your opponent, though the endurance thing could still screw you over :p...the fact that its Majin vegeta/ Vegeta only weakens it, since Vegeta hasnt' had a good personality, in a while..though Babidi majin Vegeta is alright

Standard: 1.0
Tuff Enuff: 1.9 (fun for over they have 1 card left in
there deck, and you use this....yay!!)
Mantis Man Monday- Vegeta's Sacrifice

Hmm... you know, Score's probably catching a lot of heat for this one, but they have to make cards that are true to the game. This is one of those cards. Energy for 15 life, and basically, you lose if you didn't kill 'em with it. It's one of those cards I'd say would be pretty good in a TE deck, as sort of an eject button before you get overkilled, but otherwise, I don't much see the point.

Standard: 1.5  TE: 2
Monday: Vegeta`s Sacrifice

Ugh...I absolutely hate this card. It`s basicly another Cell`s Self
Destruct...honestly, who wants to use it? This card is useless, that`s all
there is to it.

Standard: .100001/5
TE: 1.1/5
Sealed: .[approx. 1 quintillion 0s]1 (that`s...well...very small :p)
Vegeta's Sacrifice - Buu Saga
Uncommon - #111
Power: Vegeta and Majin Vegeta only. Energy attack doing 15 life cards of damage. If performed against a Majin, this is a focused attack. You lose the game in your opponent's next "Attacker Attacks" phase.
Heh, this would go great in my friend's sucide deck...
Anyways, I can definitly see this card working in...erm...::tilts head:: Actually, I can't find any real use for it. I'm just dead on the subject.
Maybe in a Vegeta energy deck, if you need one last big hit...or, maybe in a deck with a lot of "your opponent skips his next Attacker Attacks Phase" cards.
I really don't see anything, although I'm sure Matthew Low will...:-p
A fun card by all means. Everyone loves fun cards! Expect a week full of 'em.
Standard: 1/5...Ek. Maybe if it was "if successful", but no.
Tuff Enuff: 2/5...Run this if you need those last 15 life cards REAL bad or just wanna avoid an OverKill.
-InsanicChaosity (aka Proxy)
Mewfive Vegeta's Sacrifice

An energy attack for 15 cards. Sounds nice on the surface. But then I look down and see that you lose in your next Attacker Attacks phase. That line turns this into an all-or-nothing card. You win with this attack, or you'll lose. Reminds me of Cell's Self Destruct in that aspect.

This card has next to no use in Standard because there is no real reason to make yourself lose the game. It might be good if you've got some new player down to their last 10 cards, but even then, I'd just rather attack with
Cell's Last Strike. If they have any Endurance left, that will screw you. This card gains some use in TE, though. If you think you're going to be
overkilled by an energy deck, you could drop this card, then block the
opponent's next attack. Or against a physical deck, you could use a Power Boost with it, and then block the next physical. Granted, you'll lose, but it saves you from being overkilled, which saves you from being booted from the tourney.

Standard - .5/5. Do you really need to lose by your own hand in this format? TE - 1.4/5. Only useful to save you from being overkilled.

AJC468 Krillin's Overhead Smack:

Looks like we are reviewing krillin cards all week since DK is picking. Anyway, ever want to play physical beatdown with those MP's with really lower PL's, well now you can, sort of. Let's face it, who would want to stop KOS anyway. Without modifiers, this attack will be dealing 2ps most of the time. And if your krillin you can run four, um, yay. Also, last time I checked krillin is not one for physical beatdown, and his PL gets above 300k making this card less useful. But, it is another krillin card for your krillin CCPP2 lvl 1, and also another named card for WGS lvl 3. Other than that, this card is below average. And it's RFTGAU, why? DK why didn't you pick krillin's quick kicks, it's a much better card. Anyway, don't run this unless you are playing a beatdown deck with mass modifiers to make use of it's "can't be stopped if your PL is 300k or less" effect. I don't expect to see this card being played much at all, but DK may have fun with it. Not for the serious decks though.

Standard: 1.8 (um yay, it can't be stopped and it doesn't hurt anyway)
TE: 2 (physical beatdown is at least more popular here)


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