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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

image from

Red Energy Shield

Trunks Saga

Reviewed June 13, 2003

Avg. Standard Rating: 2.83
Avg. TE: Rating: 3.20


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Matthew Low
06/13/03 – Friday

Red Energy Shield – Trunks Saga
Common - #24
Energy Combat

Power: Stops an energy attack. Raise any personality to their highest power stage. Remove from the game after use.

I bet you are all like… why the heck did matthewlow pick this card? Well… I love the quote.

“I have to protect my friends!” – Gohan

Friends are valued highly; I attempt to do my best for each of mine. Teaching, helping, and doing what I can for each and every one of them are what I hope I do. I love being reminded of Gohan and how he protects his friends over everything else. His kind heart is full of gold.

Anyway… enough with the anime stuff. I like the card for that reason. It looks cool, it is cool, it is a nice card, and it looks like it would work in ally. It could, but it is overshadowed. I would consider using it if I had more room, but unfortunately, I don’t.

This card is actually one of ally’s worse enemies. That wouldn’t make sense, but that’s the truth. If you read the card, it can raise ANY personality to full. So… let’s say Cell is at zero and his Cell Jrs are just killing Gohan. I’ll Red Energy Shield that Cell Jr 1 Level 2’s power, send Cell to full. No more ally fun for you. And yes that’s perfectly legal. It is a strategy tactic by far.

Red is lacking in the energy defense area. It has just attained Red Slide and Red Resistance (pretty much junk… Namek Balls in Anger? Please.), while Red Energy Defensive Stance continues to stand strong. We’ve got the useless Red Side Kick, the amazing Red Escape, and then this card. Oh, and Red Back Kick indirectly. I would attempt to go with a couple Energy Shields in every Red Deck. The ability to go to full can fuel energy attacks, take physical attacks, power allies, or even become anti-ally. This card has so many uses it isn’t funny. It doesn’t give anger, which can be a bad thing for anger decks, but a good thing for decks that rely on their level 1. It still is anti-ally, so it should be run regardless.

Run some of these in every Red deck. They are extremely easy to come by being commons, so nothing should bar you from adding some of these power commons to your arsenal. Many people don’t see much power in a little common, but this one shines above many to be one of the best.

Standard: 3.7 out of 5.0 (the ability to stop and fuel your next blow is amazing; doesn’t do much against DB, anger, or DV, but still a great card regardless. That and Namekian Energy is the environment, for now.)

Tuff Enuff: 4.2 out of 5.0 (gaining stages can be the difference between a loss, win, and overkill)

Sealed: 4.9 out of 5.0 (easy to get in sealed, totally owns as going to full stages is a luxury not often experienced, and can often turn a game around)


Jesse Zeller
Red Energy Shield-

I've always had a thing for this card. Mainly because it won me Round 7 at the National Championships last year. I was obviously facing an ally deck, and I would just take damage with Tien's Tribeam then the last time they perform it, they would be at zero power stages, I'd just block the attack with Red Energy Shield and make them power back up to full. No allies for you! Yeah, it's that fun. Other than that, Red doesn't have many decent energy blockers, but this is one of the best.

Standard - 3/5
Tuff Enuff - 3.3/5
Red Energy Shield:

Well today's COTD is red energy shield. What is has to do with ally decks I don't know, but it's a pretty good energy defense. Lets see, stops an energy, powers up a personality to its highest power stage, and RFTGAU. Not bad, I'd run this in red energy, gives you more power stages for those energy attacks ^_^. The main thing about this card that seperates it from the other power ups is that you get to choose the personality that will be raised to full with its effect. This a very useful ability. If your at zero and you have ally powers you would like to use, then raise one of them to full instead (so it works a little with ally decks after all). Or you can raise your MP to full, and gain enough powerstages for more energy attacks. And lastly, the part you may not have thought about, raise your foe to his highest power stage. It may seem like a stupid idea at first, but it's actually very useful in the right situation. When your opponent has finally gotten himself to zero and is about to beat to you this combat with all of his allies, you play this card. Ally decks are normally energy decks correct? Just imagine the look on their face when you stop their first ally's attack and raise their MP to full. No more ally powers for them, and you have some free time to beat them down with your own energies. Good card when you think about it.

Standard: 3 (not a bad block when you take the time to think about it)

TE: 3 (same here)

Red Energy Shield - Trunks Common

Block an energy and power to full. This was pretty nice in the trunks saga days. But as the new sets came out this card just isnt good anymore. Red used to be begging for more energy blocks and it finally got some in World Games and Babidi Saga. This is nice for red energy decks. It just sucks for red anger since it removes itself from the game and it gains you no anger. So yeah, great red card for red energy decks and thats about it.

Rating 2.2


Da Krillin
Aww, looks like I only get to review one card this week :p

Friday - Red Energy Shield

"Stops an energy attack. Riase your main personality to it's highest power stage. Remove from the game after use"

It's a pretty good card, one of the best red energy blocks (so what if there is only like..5). It's pretty basic, not much to say.. it stops an
attack,and raises you to max, it's good, but really not much to say :p

Standard / TE: 2.0
Mantis Man  
Red Energy Shield - Trunks Saga
Common - # 24
Energy Combat:
Stops an energy attack. Raise any personality to their highest power stage. Remove from the game after use.
Heh, a staple in many a Red used to be the only decent Red energy block.
Well, energy blocks are always good, but this one also powers you up to full: a sort of anti-physical effect, in my opinion.
This is a staple for Energy Red, seeing as the power-up-to-full will help fuel your attacks. It is also useful is Physical Red, as Red has little good energy blocks. It just doesn't fit into Red Anger (as it doesn't gain you anger), nor Neo-Red as it removes itself from the game...whereas you could just slip is another Red energy block and have it be rejuvenated.
Standard: 3/5...personally, I'd use the other WGS energy block with endurance....but, if you're deck needs the power stages, use this one instead.
Tuff Enuff: 3.5/5...actually, the powerup is more useful here, with all the Beatdown decks...block an energy, power up. Nice.
- Proxy

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