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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

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Supreme Kai's Ki Push

Majin Buu Saga

Reviewed July 2, 2003

Avg. Standard Rating: 4.05
Avg. TE: Rating: 3.83


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Matthew Low
07/02/03 - Wednesday
Supreme Kai's Ki Push - Buu Saga
Rare - #148
Energy Combat

Power: Focused energy attack. If you declared a Tokui-Waza and your Main Personality is above level 1, you may have him lose a personality level to have this attack do an additional +7 life cards of damage. Remove from the game after use.

This card is so versatile and broken. Ok, maybe not broken, but heck of good.

This works in any deck with some slime anger or can play Aura Clash. The only decks it doesn't work in are Anger and Non-Tokui Waza decks. that's about it. More often than not this card will be used just to lower a level, as many decks rely on their level 1. The +7 life is just icing on the cake.

Let's break it down. either a focused energy doing 4 life or an focused energy doing 11 life and you lose a level, which can benefit you to a great degree. Even the worst case scenario is not bad.

Let's see. you can play as Piccolo the Trained, level with your power, use your Level 2 power (WGS), Ki Push back down, Aura Clash back up, use your power again. think of it this way. Ki Push not only allows you to get a giant attack, it allows you to tech if you get Aura Clashed and even get you additional attacks with multiple uses of your power. Android 20 comes to mind in my eye. Thus it works best if one of the powers is an attack.

Since any deck that can Aura Clash will run it, SKKP can be in there anyway. The fact that it is focused helps immensely against DB decks, and any attack this big can overkill quite easily. This card is all around good. I can't really see anything totally wrong with this card except the two archtypes it can't be used in. I mean, you can even Red Escape and then use this.

Standard: 4.5 out of 5.0 (great card; few archtypes can't use it. Great tech, effects can get out of jams and give additional attacks.) Tuff Enuff: 4.0 out of 5.0 (you'll be jumping levels very quickly here; overkill weapon; lower level powers now more stable, but still not relied on)
Sealed: 2.5 out of 5.0 (it will probably just be a focused energy here, but if you do level, this card can be a monster) ~matthewlow
Surpreme Kai's Ki Push - Rare - MBS

Sorry for missing monday. Yugioh book articles to write and i didnt have time to get the monday COTD in. Anyway, I picked the cards for this week. Not to pick on score though but come on look at the state of the game. Okay, Surpreme kai's ki push wasnt so big till about a week or 2 later PTT got errata'd to raise your anger 2 when entering. Thats when this card was slapped into almost any namekian deck. Nothin like jumping up a level and do an energy for 8 life cards, set up your discard pile then use this focused energy attack for 11 and going back to PTT to turn off your opponents MP's powers for another round. And you can do this at least 3 times. Yeah you probably heard this combo but some of you havent so there it is. Not that hard to figure was it? PTT needs to be dealt with and soon I hope =/ Anyway, focused energy for 11 if you drop a stage is really good. If they jump kick you or clash you a level you can use this to get back to the level you wanna stay at. Not a bad rare

Rating 4.0

Mantis Man Wednesday - Supreme Kai's Ki Push

Now, I like this card. Granted, PTT uses it to the best effect, but
everyone has that one personality they'd like to stay at. (Vinegar, Roshi, heck, even Dabura Lv. 2 HT... ok, that's just me) At best it cancels out those annoying Aura Clashes and does a whopping 11 life. At worst, it's a focused energy. Not too shabby either way.

Standard: 4/5 TE: 4/5

--Mantis Man
Mewfive Supreme Kai's Ki Push

After PTT's errata, this card just became a PTT Namekian staple. A focused attack for 11, and I get to go back to Lv.1? Irresistable to the die-hard PTT players. They just love that Lv.1. PTT can get this directly using FA or NS, or indirectly by using PAHG, KC, or Hero's Lucky Break, and grab FA or NS. This sets up combos that do about 25 life with ease.Other than PTT, you could use this with MPs like Vinegar, Roshi, or for anybody whom you like using a certain level of. Make them pay for using that AC, AYTE, or SJKM on you. ^_^
Standard - 3/5
TE- 3/5
AJC468 Today's COTD is Supreme Kai's Ki Push. It wasn't exteremly popular until PTT recieved an errata, which suprisingly improved him. This card then became a staple in PTT Namekian Energy Decks. Once you leveled up with PTT's power, you should preceed to hit them with your power and then use SKKP for a total of 19lc. Then you had the whole rest of your hand at your disposal. This card also had combos with MP powers, jumping up and down levels in the same combat to reuse personality powers. My friend utilized this in his Kid Trunks Saiyan Deck by hitting them with his level one power for 3lc (adding +2lc of damage to all his energies if it hit), then using aura clash to reach lvl two, hitting his opponent with his power for 7, then using SKKP back to lvl one dealing 13lc and using his power for 5lc (now he is dealing +4lc with all energies), and he still has 3 cards in his hand and with empower they do 11lc reach. Not bad for one combat huh, 61 life cards total, and it's not even PTT namekian (and I haven't counted his ally powers either, and don't expect this combo to happen all that often, but it's great when it works). Anyway, this card is great for decks that need to stay at level one or use MP power combos. Amazing card really, not as limited in usefulness as you might think. ;)

Standard: 4 (PTT all the way)
TE: 4(PTT, plus other decks as well)
reals Wednesday - Supreme Kai's Ki Push

This card is really good. It's obviously broken with PTT, since you can go right back to PTT after you level up in 3 combats or so. This card can be used more than the PTT way, you can  use it in basically anything with slime anger, or Vinegar/Roshi etc.

standard: 4/5
Proxy Surpreme Kai's Ki Push - Buu Saga
Rare - #148

Power: Focused energy attack. If you declared a Tokui-Waza and your Main Personality is above level 1, you may have him lose a personality level to have this attack do an additional +7 life cards of damage. Remove from the game after use.

Alone, this card is just simply good. All those decks that revolve around lvl one powers now have a new hope other than Winter Countryside and Capt. Ginyu Frog...and, they needed it. Trust me, I used to run one mean Vinegar deck...:-D

Anywhos, while a good card alone by itself, this combined with PTT is just...sick. I don't think I need to elaborate too much on that.

Eh, it's a good card and all but it's ratings are gonna get skewed because PTT annoys me (but not by much).

Standard: 4.9/5...simply great for a beefy energy attack, a way to steal a DB, and a way to get back down a level.

TuffEnuff: 4/ loses some usefulness here due to AYTE and such making you gain more levels...or, does it gain usefulness because you can have it do the +& lc more often? You decide.

Team Scrub Supreme Kai's Ki Push

Wow...pretty decent card. Drop a level for +7. Why would you want to drop a level though? Then Score eratted PTT and that question was answered. With PTT increasing his anger by 2 every combat, you only have 3 turns on his level. To get back you'd have to use Ginyu frog...which is limit 1 per deck -_-

Now, PTT decks can run Ki Pushes and pop back down easily ^,^

If only score noticed what they have done (and since I bet they have, I hope PTT ownz Nationals and has to be banned and burned or something for this stupid eratta).

Tuff Enuff - 4
Standard - 4

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