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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

Pure Defense

Broly subset

Reviewed July 3, 2003

Avg. Standard Rating: 4.08
Avg. TE: Rating 3.40


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Matthew Low
07/03/03 - Thursday
Pure Defense - Buu Saga - Broly Subset
Promo - #24

Use in your opponents "Attacker Attacks" phase when he perfoms an attack. All secondary effects of that attack are now "If successful" effects. Draw a card. You may still defend against the attack.

I first looked at this and wondered why this would be good. Then I took a second look, and I now know the one word to best describe it. BROKEN.

This card will be in all good Dragon Ball decks. There are multiple cards that can cripple DB with their secondary effect, namely Majin Buu's Fury, Gohan's Kick, and anything that discards and removes Non-Combats. Those cards were the only way to eat through the barrier for DB. you attack, DB rearranges deck (Roshi MP), you Gohan's Kick, he Pure Defense, then stop it, and end combat. DBs come out super fast. You give up, knowing you'll never get anything in unless the DB deck gets one uber bad draw (very unlikely).

It can be cancelled with Trunks Energy Sphere, but we all know DB decks will have one of those too.

The Draw a card clause is just icing on the cake. You can set up the fourth card to be something you need, like the combat ender or block, so you can even say you have a 4 card hand. How good can this card get?

Let's just say this card is wrong. Many decks work on that first Attacker Attacks phase for that one combat to do DB in, but this card narrows that possiblility to near zilch. There's no surprise that this card is complained about over and over. Very few decks other than DB will run this, but I can see this card being good regardless. You can cancel some anti-anger, cancel anger gain, cancel removal of certain cards. a lot of things. This card has a lot of potential, even outside DB. The draw a card is the key to making it playable in other decks (though no where as playable as in DB, where it is a staple).

Oh, and here's something to think about. What happens if you Pure Defense a Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast or Vinegar Level 1 HT's power?

Standard: 4.6 out of 5.0 (owns in DB decks; really no bad point in the card except won't do anything if your opponent doesn't attack) Tuff Enuff: 2.1 out of 5.0 (doesn't do much; can be played but better off using other cards unless specific ones mess you up too much)
Sealed: 2.5 out of 5.0 (can help a bit with anti-anger and whatnot, and still has the card draw. Attacks will be all over) ~matthewlow
Pure Defense - Movie Promo - MBS

Another amazing card. It stops the secondary effects into "if successful" and you draw a card. So gohan's kick,vegeta's jolting slash, orange staredown, etc. are stopped cold by this card. This card doesnt really take up space either since you get to draw a card for using this. All you gotta watch out for is a sphere. This card is useful in any kind of deck really. Theres alot of secondary effects out there.

Rating 3.9

Mantis Man Friday - Pure Defense

This is one of those cards that gets annoying really fast. Where you once had an automatic non combat removal, ally removal, anger raising, etc. now you have this... and you might as well not even attacked. I like it, as long as I'm not the one it's getting used on.

Standard: 5/5 TE: 5/5

--Mantis Man
AJC468 Today's COTD is pure defense. This card goes great in any type of defensive deck. There are so many great secondary effects making this card amazing. This is one of those cards that might win you the game if used at the right moment. It also replaces its self as soon as you use it (you draw a card). This can make deadly cards like blue terror, namekian strike, and many others become a waisted card for your opponent, that is provided you have a block in your hand (or draw the block with effect from this card). There are just so many cards this counters, it's a more useful saiayn power block in a db deck as well. I could go on and on about this card, lol. Of course this is not for every deck, but it works well in the right decks.

Standard: 4
TE: 4
Mewfive Pure Defense
Not another Buu Saga card that I don't own. But anyway, this will see play in DB decks. The opponent plays Fury or Kick? Drop this, have a TES to back it up, a block to prevent that effect from happening, and then a Combat ender in hand or in play. This card got better with the errata of TEDQ, the only anti-DB card (Other than Fury) that really had any effect on DB. Of course, this card could work against Black Manipulation decks. They run all those fun attacks that have excellent secondary effects, like discarding a card from hand or deck, or stopping you from using a certain kind of attack. It would also work against DV or CB decks because they rely on attacks with secondary effects like stopping you from using certain cards, and more, to set up their one card win.

Standard - 3/5. A niCe card, but I really doubt you'll see 3 in a deck other than DB.
TE - 2.5/5. More beatdown oriented, but you'll still see attacks with
secondary effects.

reals Thursday - Pure Defense

Pure Defense is ridiculously good in DB. I'll kick, fury, super 13's des. bomb, a19's energy burst, or whatever that screws over DB, use pure defense, then blue mastery/block it, then end combat. Obviously helped DB out alot.


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