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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

image from

Master Roshi Sensei

Majin Buu Saga

Reviewed July 23, 2003

Avg. Standard Rating: 4.46
Avg. TE: Rating: 4.50


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Matthew Low
07/23/03 Ė Wednesday

Master Roshi Sensei Ė Buu Saga

Ultra Rare - #153


Power: Sensei Deck Limit: 9 cards. All of your attacks do +1 life cards of damage. All of your opponent's attacks do -1 life cards of damage.

I love this card! It owns! Or thatís because Iím bias. Whatever.

Master Roshi has a decent deck size of 9, which will allow you to pack in a good selection of tech cards. It is one of the higher choices, which makes it one of the more powerful Senseis. Not to mention his ability is amazing.

The ability to tack on more damage with your Sensei and take less can add up quickly. The only thing is those attacks actually have to hit to make a difference. With multiple attacks throughout the game, it can make a 20 life card difference, which can ultimately decide the game.

The funny part about this Sensei is if it faces itself, they cancel out.

North Kai Sensei is the other Sensei widely used, and that one is also quite strong, with the ability to mess over Freestyle MBS and Orange MBS setup, while being able to kill of Blue CS and Blue MBS. If I were to pick, it would be between this Sensei and Roshi.

The problem with this Sensei is the fact it is an Ultra Rare. It took me almost two months to get my hands on one. That and the fact that everyone wants one.

It also doesnít do as much against anger decks, but it will still deal the additional life card. DB decks wonít phase much, but your 4 life card energies can do 5 now, which will help steal DBs if Gokuís Capturing Drill and Android 20 Absorbing Drill arenít around. Krillinís Heat Seeking Blast have DB capture written all over them.

It can work in DB decks just for the minus one life. Backlash decks wonít fear this much, and North Kai is much more suited. Dragonís Victory doesnít seem to float with this Sensei either. It is more suited for decks that want to stay alive longer and dish out the damage.

Keep in mind he doesnít prevent damage and only makes them do less, so physicals that do power stages that convert to life cards arenít affected.

If you donít have know what Sensei to run, Roshi is always a great choice. He can fit in a variety of decks, and even preventing damage is enough to make him better than Grand Kai and East Kai.

Standard: 4.8 out of 5.0 (North Kai is very strong against certain Masteries, but Roshi can make or break a game) Tuff Enuff: 4.5 out of 5.0 (I know it is more beatdown oriented, but sometimes you have to look outside the box and know that a shut off Mastery can win a game)

Sealed: 5.0 out of 5.0 (broke, just broke if you pull one; will make or break many games) ~matthewlow

Wednesday : Master Roshi Sensei

This card is dy-no-mite. Its incredibly useful in DB, as any attacks
normally dealing 5 life, even KHSB, are now bumped to 4. Its really pointless to list all of the scenarios for this card to be nice, but my favorites are generally in DB and with the new orange mastery, because you lose the old 2's bonus. Another neat thing is that if both players use this, they'll cancel out setting everything at an interesting notch lower. Very well done...funny how this used to be a rare before a UR!

Standard : 4.5/5
TE : 4/5...north gains a lot of use here
Master Roshi Sensei - MBS

Yep. One of the greatest URs and its a sensei with a good power. All your attacks do +1 life card and all your opponents attacks -1 life card. On a bad note if your opponent plays the same sensei they both pretty much cancel eachother out. This is a great sensei for energy decks obviously. It gives those regular energys another life card of damage to capture that dragonball. And at the same time lowers your opponents attack making it harder to steal your dragonballs. It also has a decent sensei deck size which is good. You have enough room to add in Huh?? and GBS and such. All around its a good Ultra rare and a good sensei. I dunno though North kai is still a good sensei too. Especially with Blue Style MBS running about not to mention the other good masteries. 

Rating 4.5
Wednesday-Master Roshi Sensei

Great card...shame it's an ultra. Simple damage modifier, and blocks some from your opponent. Awesome in beatdown decks (I want it!)...and regen. As I said, it's a great card.

4.5/5 in all formats
Team Scrub Master Roshi Sensei

This is a beastly card indeed, and definitely the best sensei in my opinion. Definitely belongs in all beatdown decks. There's not much to say about this one. No real combos...double it with Android 18, the Mom =/ Thats about it.

Tuff Enuff - 5

Standard - 4

Team Scrub's Scrubtastic Overall Rating - Excellent!
AJC468 Master Roshi Sensei:

Personally this is probably my favorite sensei since I a more defensive player.  This is the only ultra rare sensei out right now, and it is a very nice sensei in my opinion.  This card increases the damage of all your attacks by 1lc, and reduces the damage of all your opponent's attacks by 1lc.  While this card is not for every deck, it gives defensive/energy/db decks a great boost.  Combine this sensei with Majin Buu Gatefold HT Defense level 1 and the MBS Blue Mastery, and you have a hard deck to beat.  This card can allow none orange vingear decks to capture db's with their power, and makes KHS blast capture a dragon ball most of the time as well (only when it's reduced will it not capture a db).  The card also works the opposite way, keeping orange vinegar decks from capturing your db's with his power (only if he has no modifiers out).  This also includes every energy attack that does 5lc, I just like that example.  The funny thing about this sensei is if both you and your opponent are running it they cancel each other out.  All in all, this is a great card, it's not perfect, but for the right deck it can be a game winner, to bad it's a UR.  I know I wish I had one, lol.  If your looking to buy a Master Roshi Sensei let me warn you they don't go cheap, last time I checked they were going for 85$ or higher on eBay.

Standard: 4 (protection for db)
TE: 4 (softens the beatdown and adds a lc to all your attacks, what's not to like)
- if you can't tell I like this card so much it's impossible for me to give it a lower rating)


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