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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

mage from

Pikkon the Prized Fighter

World Games Saga

Reviewed July 11, 2003

Avg. Standard Rating: 1.94
Avg. TE: Rating 2.62


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Matthew Low
07/11/03 – Friday

Pikkon the Prized Fighter Level 5 – World Games Saga
Ultra Rare - #161

Power: Focused energy attack doing 1 life card of damage. If successful, remove the bottom 5 cards of your opponent's Life Deck from the game.

Uh… who actually uses Pikkon??? I mean… good Pikkon. How about Pikkon anger? Then again, an even better question, who makes a deck that gets Pikkon to use this level?

My answer would be… no one seriously trying to win.

Pikkon is one of the shoddier characters, and giving him a UR personality just wasn’t… well, I’d rather have a Krillin Level 5.

Pikkon is plain not good. He has nothing to help him anger up levels quickly. His powers are ok for some beatdown, but there are a lot of other characters I’d take over him any day.

His level 5 isn’t something I’d jump for joy over. His power… well, it can do 6 life. But for a level 5? Um… how about no? The removal is a really nice touch and can give Dragon Ball decks a game over. But the question is… how will you get to level 5 to use this power? Goku’s Farewell? Against Dragon Ball decks? Right…

If you want to use this card, make a Pikkon deck and put it in just so he has a level 5. He has some interesting cards you can work with him, and also has Grand Kai’s Palace. Try him out. He’s not terrible, but definitely not great.

Thus, if you want to get to some amazing power by leveling in Tuff Enuff, go with some other great level 5 like Trunks, Buu, SS3 Goku, or Cell. There are better choices out there. Pikkon is not one of them. I mean… I’m trying to get rid of one of his level 5s and no one wants this silly UR.

Standard: 1.7 out of 5.0 (used just as a level 5 to ward off 4 level anger decks; can defeat a DB deck in one blow) Tuff Enuff: 1.2 out of 5.0 (not a level I’d want to try to hit)

Sealed: 1.0 out of 5.0 (won’t do you much of anything, trust me on this) ~matthewlow


Pikkon The Prized Fighter - WGS

Ack who picked this?? O_o  Anyway, not that great of an ultra rare really. Sure hes a level 5 and he kills off the bottom 5 cards of their life deck if successful but you kinda want more out of an ultra rare than just that. Its a nice power though. And it is worth more than an eternal dragons quest that much I know. And if you wanna play anger with pikkon youre gonna need this sadly. Thats about all i can say for this card. Pikkon didnt make a huge impact on the game.

Next weeks cards are looking interesting too. They all have a pic of the "fat man" on all of them :D 

Rating 2.0


Da Krillin
Friday - Pikkon, Prized Fighter

Ah, the UR level 5 pikkon. This is a pretty good card. His power is a
focused energy, which is hard to stop, and it does a life card.. but, if the attack is succesful XD..your opponent removes the bottom 3 cards of his deck FROM THE GAME :).

Standard: 3.5
Tuff Enuff: 4.8

-J. Lackner (A.K.A. DaKrillin)
Mantis Man Friday - Pikkon, the Prized Fighter

Well, most people don't like this power, but I do. I like the fact that I
might be able to remove 6 very valuable cards from the bottom of your
discard. Including DBs. The real problem here is, the only way you'd get to use this in Standard is Goku's Farewell, and it's really not worth it... and in TE there are level 5's WAY better than this. Still, a level 5 is a level 5, and this one's ok.

Standard: 2/5 TE 2.5/5
Team Scrub Pikkon, the Prized Fighter

You look at his power, and think he's awesome. But if you give it more thought, his other levels besides level one aren't that great. And unless you plan to use Goku's Farewell, you have to go through all those icky levels just to get to this baby. I myself have never heard of a Pikkon Anger deck o.0 Personally, I would like to see one. Perhaps one of my disciples will play one at worlds when we take on IQ's crew *insert evil laugh*. Personally, I think Pikkon should be used for his level 1, not his level 5. Pikkon is also fairly easy to get because his sales top out at about $30 on ebay =/ gg Basically, his power is anti-ball. But there's better anti-ball available.

Standard Rating: 1

Tuff Enuff Rating: 2

Overall Scrubtastic Rating: Poor
Mewfive Pikkon, the Prized Fighter

Sentimentality rules today. The first UR I pulled.
Anyway, this is the best Lv.5 from WGS, not that it means much. Both Pikkon and Goku were totally shafted in that Saga, but that's another rant for another day. Pikkon got the better of the two powers, his can be used in just about any deck. This assumes you can make it there, use Farewell, or just Clash/AYTE your way up there.

Anyway, it's an okay energy attack. 1 life card of damage? It's all like
"What the heck?" until you see that if successful, you remove the bottom 5 cards of your opponent's deck. Heh, fun. You can hurt Ball decks severely with this card, assuming that you're ever able to use it and also assuming that a DB gets removed. Another fun decktype to hurt is Namekian WGS. If they've set up the bottom of their deck to draw whatever they want, you can go in there and mess it up. Heck, you can hurt Namekian in general if you declared Black Tokui-Waza with this power and Sensei in 3 Black Face Smash. It doesn't have as much effect against most other decks because there are better energies, for one thing, and they also don't rely on setting up the bottom of their deck. Whatever you remove with this power won't matter horribly much to many of today's decktypes because it is on the bottom of the deck, meaning they most likely would not have got to use it, anyway.

Standard - 1.4/5. I'd only use it if you were silly enough to play Pikkon, pulled this, and wanted to prevent the Lv.4 win. There are some interesting Farewell possibilities, but Pikkon's not an ideal Farewell MP. TE - 2.2/5. Becomes slightly better only because you can use AYTE here and you may stand a slight chance with Pikkon.


AJC468 Pikkon, The Prized Fighter:

This card is an Ultra Rare from the World Games Saga, and has a pretty cool power.  For an Ultra Rare the power is not to strong, but it can be devastating against certain decks.  This power can cripple healing decks and dragon ball decks, and can annoy most other decks.  The problem, this is a level 5, and you will never get there in time to mess a dragon ball deck up.  There's always goku's farewell, but I don't recomend it with a power this weak, plus db decks will stop it anyway.  This is mainly useful against healing decks, and even then there are better choices.  Another problem is pikkon's lower levels jump back and forth between physical powers and energy powers, which is not good for level gaining most of the time.  If only pikkon had energy powers for all of his levels, then this card might see more use.  At least his level 5 power is focused, which is a small boost.  He also gets points for a unqiue power. ^_^  This doesn't mean you should use him because there are better level 5's out there.

Standard: 2
TE: 3

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