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Majin Buu's Fury

Majin Buu Saga

Reviewed August 2, 2003

Avg. Standard Rating:
Avg. TE: Rating:


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Thursday - Majin Buu's Fury

This card is very nice. The effect, which only lets players attack (instead of use things like Saiyan Truce Card, Android 18's Stare Down, or Dragon Ball searchers) is very strong, but to boot this card has a furious empower of 4. The anger raising is also very nice in slime anger saiyan or black. Comboes well with Gohan's Kick to truely lock down those pesky Dragon Ball decks, or even those decks that are just annoying you ;). It becomes less useful in TE, as unless you're against Cosmic Backlash or Dragon's Victory, most hands will be attacks and blocks. Still would stop those Confrontations....

Standard : 4/5
TE : 3/5
Majin Buu's Fury - MBS Promo

OMG JUST TOO GOOD! Fury is a physical attack for +4 and empower for 2 and for the remainder of combat you and your opponent attack or pass. Another card to help against dragonball decks since they cant end combat or use noncombat cards. Pretty much they will just pass for the remainder of the combat. Saiyan power block does not stop the effects of this card either :P But pure defense still does -.-;; annoying pure defense. Needs to be limit 1 per deck.. Anyway if you can get a hold of some furys toss them in your deck. Unless your a dragonball they work really good and shouldnt be overlooked.

Rating 4.0

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