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DBZ CCG Card of the Day



Cell Saga


Reviewed January 31, 2003


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Da Krillin Friday - Stunned

This card is evil! Any card that paralyzes Krillin decks is evil :-p....
-_-.. especially with all the new Krillin Energy TE decks sprining up due to the CCPP2 -_-... its just mean... 'course it also screws over Piccy and Trunks to.. but who cares. .they aren't Krillin (j/k). It's so not fair.. it doens't let you attack OR defend -_-.. I mean come on.. But it's really good in a Cosmic BAcklash deck.. or any deck for that matter ;-p .. at least it only screws over 3 different main personalities ^_^

Standard: 3.0
TE: 3.0

-J. Lackner (A.K.A. DaKrillin)

Stunned - Cell Saga

One of the most bs cards ive ever seen. I remember pulling this card during a sealed deck and completely killed any trunks or piccolo deck that came across me. It has literally killed off any type of trunks, piccolo or krillin decks. And this card just has a field day with cosmic backlash. Lets just stun krillin, piccolo or trunks and backlash and win -.-. Basically this card just makes them an open target for like a great deal of damage since they cant attack or block. So do Gohan's kick then stunned and lock them and let the beatdown begin.  So lame this card needs to be at least limit 1 or If you declared a tokui-waza. Bleh thats score for you though. So anyway its just the ultimate card against them and its the ultimate crappiest card when youre not playing against them. So its kinda hard to rate but how about this..

Rating 1.0 - If you are not playing anyone of those 3
Rating 4.5 - If you are playing anyone of those 3


Judge Rich of AK Friday-Stunned

This is one of my favorite cards. Right now I think stunned may see more play, since Piccolo the Trained and Trunks level 1 HT are back into the "used characters" fray. Even Krillin with his new CCPP 2 level 1 card is being used now. I don't know anyone that would ever use 3 stunned, except for one of my friends up here. The most I would ever use is 2. Its always best to check out your local area to see what decks are there before putting this card in your deck.

Standard: 3/5
Tuff Enuff: 3.5/5
Bobby #116 Stunned

Stunned... This Card Is Great Against those Trunks, Piccolo And Krillin Decks. Stops the Opponent from attacking, blocking, and even using there Main Personality Power. I Would Put One Copy Of this Card in All Decks Except Piccolo, Krillin, And Trunks.

Standard: 3.7
T/E: 2.5

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