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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

image from

Namekian Energy Focus

Cell Saga


Reviewed January 31, 2003


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Bobby #153 Namekian Energy Focus:

This Card is A Great Card For Namekian Decks. Draw The Bottom Card if its Namekian Search Life Deck For Energy Combat Card And Place It In your Hand... This Is A Sweet Card To Get A Good Blocker Or Beefy Attack out Of Your Deck, And You Get to Draw A Card. This Is a Must have in Namekian  Decks!

Standard: 3.0
T/E: 3.0
DaKrillin Wednesday - Namekian Energy Focus

Another fun card ^_^... It lets you get an extra card in your hand, as well as search your deck for an energy combat card (if the bottom card of your discard pile is Namekian.. and it probably is if you're using this card) Most people who use this card usually pull a Namekian Dragon Blast.. so they can rebuild there deck.. AND cause damage.. yay! Sadly.. it can be easily prevented.. w/ brothers in training or TES :-(

Standard: 2.2
TE: 4.1
Judge Rich of AK Wednesday-Namekian Energy Focus

Solid Gold is basically all I have to say. With all the namekian cards that let you manipulate your discard pile, you can set up to get a good card, then get an energy attack or block from your deck. This is a must have in all namekian decks.

Standard and Tuff Enuff: 4.5/5

Namekian Energy Focus:

This card is amazing in Namekian. Draw the bottom card and the ability to search your life deck for an additional card? It's almost as good as Blue Terror or Fatherly Advice. It ranks way up there. If you're using a Namekian Energy deck, you better be playing this card. And if you're not playing this card, you better sure as hell have a good reason to back up why you're not playing it.

Standard - 4/5

Tuff Enuff - 4/5


Tim Batow Ahh, Namekian Energy Focus. One of the very few search engines of the game. A staple in all Namekian Decks. At first most of the good players didn’t seem to like this card, and I cant really tell you why because it puzzles me as well. But now durring World Games its found Itself in just about every Namekian deck.

Namekian Energy Focus is one of the very few non-non-combat cards in the game that can search your life deck for a card and put it in your hand. Originally there was Blue Terror, and of course that got restricted for obvious reasons. Being able to search your life deck for cards gives you so much diversity and the ability to run one copy of a card and actually be able to use it. Look at other games with a wider variety of searching. Computer Search, Pokemon Trader, Witch of The Black Forest, and Painful Choice (havent taken that leap toward yet Magic, sorry) are all Great cards in their respective games. This is because those cards allow you to bend the rules a bit, they allow you to have a better chance of getting a card you would normally have to rely on randomly drawing.

Lets say you wanted a Location card to get rid of your opponents City in Turmoil. Well Normally youd have to sit and wait to get a Location card or Gohans Nimbus Cloud to remove it from play. If you had just one Namekian Energy Focus though, your chances of getting that Gohans Nimbus Cloud in your hand are doubled, and thus you don’t need to wait and draw it. Card Searching is a more efficient and Cleaner way of Card Drawing. This can work with other ‘utility’ Energy Combat cards like Gokus Super Saiyan Blast/Yamchas Skillful Defense, and Android 19’s Energy Burst.

Now that its clear how important card searching is in every card game, Its time to give Namekian Energy Focus a rating. Energy Focus also draws the bottom card from the discard pile, which makes it so you don’t lose card advantage - That’s a big plus. However, the bottom card of the discard pile must be a Namekian Card to get the searching effect. While it may not be the most impossible task to fulfill in Namekian with great cards like Namekian Quick Blast, Namekian Face Smack, Namekian Flying Kick and Namekian Eye Beam, its definitely a annoyance, so it wont score as high as Namekians Strike which just requires two power stages. However, drawing a Android 18’s Staredown or Colorless Block in a clinch is never bad either Namekian Energy Focus is also Sphereable like any other combat card, but that’s to be expected.

Standard 4.5/5
Tuff Enuff 4.5/5

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