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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

image from

Hercule the Puppet

World Games Saga


Reviewed January 22, 2003


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.


Hercule The Puppet - WGS

Hmmm i dunno about this card... he sucks right now without a 2 and 3 but heck when he gets those levels i personally think hes gonna be a weee bit broken. Allowing him to use hero and villain cards is just crazy O_o. If you can lock it to where you cant be clashed or jump kicked you can pretty much own the game with all the different villian and hero cards. Probably a good MP for backlash, Ally decks. But nothing is for sure till we see his other levels. But for a level 1 power thats pretty amazing. =/

Rating 3.9


SSJP Hercule the Puppet


His Greatness' personality :P This card is a great ally, merely for the fact that those hero's can run FiR and other super cool villains only cards. In standard, its pretty good cause you can use those Frieza's Featherlight Touches. But it can be hard to get down far enough to really use the full potential if yer opponent is playing anger or dball.


Better card here. You'll be getting beatdown of course, or using energies. Anyone who tries to win by dragonball in TE is just plain cooky. Thats right SOI, your TE deck is cooky. :P So if someone goes all out Red/Black/Orange phyiscal, you can use FiR with Afroman in control.

Tim Batow Well, seeing as how this card cant be played as a main personality, its
fairly worthless right now. Hes a pretty bad ally as his stages are
horrible, and his power is worthless unless you wanna base your deck around it, which really isn’t a very good idea with so much Ally removal out there. This guy has potential once his levels 2 and 3 are released though. The basis of playing card advantage characters is to get your good cards out first, and when you have a set of both Staredowns and Confrontations, chances are you’ll have one of them when you need it, so you don’t really need to draw extra cards to get a card advantage. Hercule can also play 4 Hercules Jump Kick (which is alright in groups of four, but not very good as a lone card) and use Black Quick Strike 2 times, as well as use COGD, FIR and VTP. However, Hercule still cant use some of the best Villian effects
like Vegetas Jolting Slash and Foreboding Evidence.

Hercule seems like a decent character in Black if you threw in a few allies. Too bad they had to make millions of worthless Celestial fighters instead of giving him a level 2 and 3. Hercule would be a fun, semi-competitive character to play, but when his levels 2 and 3 are released, chances are he’ll be obsolete. I cant really give a rating to Hercule because he can only be used as a really bad ally right now, but ill give a raiting assuming he was playable as a 1-3 personality.

Standard 3.5/5
Tuff Enuff 3/5

Thanks, Tim Batow
gamersource Hercule The Puppet Lv 1

Well first off you can see he can use both hero cards, and Villain's
Only cards making him a Rogue least for his level
1. His power Levels are lacking but since he would only be used as
an ally right now until Babadi Saga is released it isn't that big of
a deal. In standard as an ally he isn't that bad but next to other
allies lacks in the department of beefy power stages and a card
power that can do damage.

For Tuff Enuff he could a little better because here you would want
to set up the combos a little more with allies and beatdown. Get a
good hand then get to a low enough power stage to let your allies
take over combat and watch their reaction as you use the Villains
only cards to Overkill them!

Standard 2.5/5
Tuff Enuff 3.5/5

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