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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

Stupid Tricks

World Games Saga


Reviewed January xx, 2003


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Monday- Stupid Tricks.

The first in this week's installment of Mr. Satan cards. In the past, the only colors with true removal were Blue and Orange with Blue Betrayal and Orange Stare Down. Then came Gohan Meditates. This is Meditates and them some. You have no reason to turn down the three stages, as an ally deck could still give them to an ally to avoid getting off zero. The only reason I would run Meditates over this would be if I was running a Gohan deck with 4 elbow blocks or some sort of Black Dragon's Victory (Stupid Tricks would ruin the anger set up). Right now this card is seeing heavy play in the dominant deck of the environment, Namekian. I think this is a great card and its has a cool picture to boot.
Chibi Stupid Tricks!

This is a better replacement for Gohan Meditates. You don't have to choose between the Non-Combat discarding and the Anti-Anger. On top of that, you also gain 3 power stages. Unfortunately, this card just replaces Gohan Meditates, which wasn't played that much in the
first place.

In Standard, this may be used by some for Non-Combat removal. Probably best used in Black and Namekian. 2.2/5

In Tuff Enuff, this card gets better by a bit. It can be used for some quick Non-Combat removal but probably best used for the 'Gain 3 power stages.'
reals Monday, Stupid Tricks~

Stupid Tricks is elite. The better version of Gohan Meditates. I don't play this card, but I'd still recommend it.

Rating: 3.5/5


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