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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

A Raditz Memory



Reviewed January 17, 2003


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A Raditz Memory - Promo

Well if you can get a hold of this card you're lucky. I haven't seen this in many places. Anyway Its a combat card that is pretty nasty to anger decks. Lower your opponents anger to 0 and for the rest of combat no one can gain anger. Plus it is shuffled back into your deck after use so its a card with infinite uses. Thats one mean promo towards anger decks and such. Though its limit 1 and can be sphered it is still highly playable. It can easily stop anger for one combat, its good anti aura clash, it has unlimited uses, and it kills thier current anger level as well. Not a bad promo. The tough thing is to find it.

Rating 4.0

SSJP A Raditz Memory
Man, don't you just love this card? The fact that it is so hard to obtain just adds to its goodness. No player gains anger, shuffle it back in. No more Aura Clash, no having to deal with Anger when CiT is in play. This card is just awesome. Throw this down on a Slug Deck so that they can't clash, and just turn off their power like I do :p

This card isn't as good in TE, but it is still really good. None of those AYTE's, Aura Clashes, and any Red Physical decks that are gonna level are just screwed.

reals A raditz memory is a leet card, in my opinion. Can stop an anger deck from gaining one-two personality levels and make their hand useless, plus it's reshuffled in for more and more use. :O

Rating: 3/5

A Radtiz Memory-

Ah, another one of my favorite characters. What a week, first Tien, now Raditz. This card is underused because it was never really widely released. Its not all that bad of a card and can be pulled at will in Namekian. It messes up DV and is a reusable form of anti anger. My score is gonna seem a little high, but this card really should see more use.
Jaymanfu Stupid Tricks - This card is just like a pretty recent
card that came out, gohan meditates, with just a
slight differece.
1) It isnt a named cards, which doesnt really matter
that much.
2) It only lowers anger 1 instead of 2 which doesnt
really matter.
3) It gains you 3 power stages, which can really

I can see this card getting more playing value then
gohan meditates cause of the 3 power stages. But
really i dont see this or gohan meditates getting that
much playing time.

Standard 2.6/5

TE- This card can help some in TE with the gaining of
power stages and such, you can also, get rid of
non-combats which are harder to get rid of then drills
with AYTE??? But since people play more non-combats in standard, i still thinks its better in standard.

TE- 2.4/5

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