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Tien's Power Stance

IR 25 Promo - Irwin Toy Promo


Reviewed January 15, 2003


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SSJP Tien's Power Stance
Ok. Tien. Not many people play him. Lets face it, the ladies don't dig guys with three eyes. He's got some OK personality powers, and this card could lead to more Tien play. Some good Combos with it are TPS + Orange Scatter Shot, or TPS + KHSB.
Standard and TE
Richie Williams
Wednesday- Tien's Power Stance.
Today we are reviewing a very nice looking promo card, Tien's Power Stance. Tien is one of my favorite character to use and has become more than just a "Tien's Flight" deck. He has some nice attacks to use with this card. Example- Tiens Jolting Aura would be 2 energy attacks where you draw 2 cards.Orange Scatter shot becomes 4 energy attacks doing 6 life cards or GBS allows you to remove 6 of their cards from the game. Since its Tien only and he isn't the greatest personality, it gets docked a little.
Chibi Tien's Power Stance

The biggest downfall of this card is that it's 'Tien only.' However with Android 18 and Tapkar getting trash, Tien might just make a comeback. A Tien's Flight deck is still the best Tien deck you can build, and this card goes with it perfectly. Imagine using this, then using Tien's Jolting Aura. That'd be two energies and draw 2 cards.

In Standard, Tien can hold his own with the rest of them. This is a must have for any Tien deck. 5.0/5 (rated on the fact that you'd be playing Tien)

In Tuff Enuff, Tien can be even more evil, and this card adds to his evil ways.
Tim Batow Tiens Power Stance is overrated in my opinion. Yes, it’s a good card, and should be played in all Tien decks, but people get very hyped up about using a Tiens Tri Beam, Tiens Jolting Aura or Gokus Blinding Strike twice. In all realism its just easier to play the attack from your hand twice, and use allies or other means of powering up for power stages. Don’t get me wrong, this card does deserve a slot in every Tien deck, as it is basically like a savable, good energy attack with a cool picture, but don’t feel compelled to go out and spend $100 on one, as it isn’t a necessity. The future might bring another beefy Energy Attack like Good Advice, and Tiens Power Stance is the only way to use it twice, so it does have some nice potential in the future.

Standard - 3/5
Tuff Enuff - 3/5

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