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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

Frieza is Ready

Trunks Saga


Reviewed January 13, 2003


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Da Krillin Frieza is Ready:
This card = fun....

This card is VERY'll really keep your opponent from dishin' out to much damage.. unless of course you have like..14 cards left :-s...

Standard: 2.5
TE: 4.0
JayManFu Frieza is Ready- This card has been h0ge since it came out in the Trunks Sage. In the Trunks Sage there wasnt much that could get rid of it cept for Don't you just hate that. Also, the fact that it is "Use When
Needed" makes it even more powerful. When WG came out it looked like there was finally an answer to the problem, West Kai Sensei. But now that they errated it, FIR is back and is just as or maybe more powerful then ever.

Standard 4.0/5

TE- Since more people play cards like AYTE??? they dont usually play exclusive NON-COMBAT removal, making this card even stronger in TE, also with the more physical beatdown base, having FIR on table messes with your opponents mind.

TE- 4.5/5
Chibi Frieza is Ready

This card can stop your opponent dead in his tracks, if he's not prepared for this card. When West Kai could remove Non-Combat cards, FIR was one of it's main targets. FIR isn't removed from the game after you use it, so if you use some regeneration in your deck, you could possibly use this card several times in one game.

In Standard, great card. Any deck that plans on attacking will have to worry about this card. On the other hand, DB decks don't care about this card at all.

In Tuff Enuff, big attacks equal overkills. Big attacks also mean increased usage for FIR.
SSJP Frieza is Ready

This card is super coolio. I mean, you get KHSB'd for 15 life, send it back to them for 30. gg, its all over. This card will save you in a pinch, and if you're getting beat down by some nasty physicals, run Hercule the Puppet and you can use this if yer a hero.

Tuff Enuff
In TE, this card just gets better. Almost every deck relies on beatdown in TE (minus those who play regen/stasis) so you will most likely be able to scare the, with this card. You cna bring them down to like, 1 life, then hit them with Good Advice for an OK. Once again, gg

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