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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

Krillin - World Games Saga


Reviewed January 10, 2003


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Richie Williams Ah, WGS Krillin. Well since this is the whole MP set, I'll break it down level by level.

Level 1- My question is just....WHY? Sure, it somewhat sets up that juicy level 3, but he has way better level 1s. Whats the point of doing damage to yourself?


Level 2- Its not exactly bad, but its not exactly good either. Im going to take into account that his level 2 HT does basically the same thing without the requirement involving your discard pile.


Level 3- This is what makes him worth using. There are countless combos involving Krillin, Anger Management, Are You Tuff Enuff...Toss in the fact that he can run 4 KHSB and you've got the potential for huge unstoppable attacks. Even outside of TE tournaments, he is still a very good personality. Definitely someone worth basing your deck around.


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