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Evil Presence Drill

Frieza Saga


Reviewed Feb 7, 2003


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A Score Guy
Evil Pretense Drill

Here lies one of the biggest bombs for Majin decks, you might or might not know this yet because most of you haven't seen everything the Babidi Saga has to offer but that set brings Majins an arsenal of huge attacks with a combination of really aggressive extra effects. If yon can drop this card in the early game you'll have your attacks doing massive amounts of damage, this card will make your already strong Majin attacks even better. Tweak your deck around getting this card early and you'll have the game won by turn three, don't worry about anything except knocking down your opponent with every attack you can find and it'll be over before you know it.

Rating 4.3
Da Krillin Friday - Evil Presence Drill
YAY! A UR!!.. -_-..that I don't have :-(

This card is fun :-).. there are so many cards these days that are RFGAU
(Remove from Game after Use) that this is really fun ^_^... Too bad it only goes up to 10.. and you can only have 1 in play at a time (Tchya.. like anyone has more than one of these Ultra Rare cards) It's pretty useless in Standard, seeing as it just adds additional stages, and Dball decks and anger decks usually dont care how much damage they take, cuz they are quick enough to win -_-

Standard: 1.5
TE: 3.5
Bobby #159 Evil Presence Drill

This Card Reads, The first physical attack you perform during Combat does +1 power stage of damage for each card in your removed from the game pile, to a maximum of +10.This Card is Great For Beat Down Decks, Imagine A Radditz Flying Kick Doing 20.. Then Adding
10.... What a beefy attack. This Card May be Hard to Find but its well worth it.

Standard: 4.5/5
T/E: 4.5/5

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