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The Truck

World Games


Reviewed Feb 5, 2003


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Jesse Zeller
The Truck is just a watered down version of Don't You Just Hate That. It is actually decent because not many people play Gohan or Videl. But there are so many other non-combat killers that are not non-combats themselves. Gohan Meditates and Stupid Tricks! just to name a couple. Since West Kai Sensei was errata'd, this card might see some more game play.

Standard - 3/5
Tuff Enuff - 1/5

-Jesse Zeller

Da Krillin Wednesday - The Truck

This is a great card, w/ the CRDing of East Kai Sensei, this card will
probably take it's place.. Remove 2 non-combats.. and only 1 if Videl or gohan are in play.. Bah.. no one has a Videl deck :-p.. and Gohan isn't very prominent either.. This is a great card :-D.. get rid of those darn Dball fetchers and anger raisers in Standard, and in TE get rid of those annoying Drills ^_^..

Standard and TE: 3.25
Bobby #118 The Truck

This Card Can Disard 2 Non-Combat Cards. This Is Similar to Don't You Just Hate That, But Instead of Removing it Discards. This Card is Seen in play now because of the change in West Kai Sensei.

Standard: 2/5
T/E: 1.5/5
Chibi The Truck

This is a mini-Don't You Just Hate That. It doesn't remove the Non-Combat cards, but it also isn't removed. With West Kai getting nerfed, DYJHT and The Truck are the most efficient ways of getting rid of Non-Combats. Although City in Turmoil is exceptional, it doesn't allow you to use your own Non-Combat cards. Consider playing this card in you Black or Namekian Decks.

In Standard, if you feel you don't have enough
Non-Combat removal and you're already playing DYJHT,
then this should be your choice.

In Tuff Enuff, not many Non-Combats can actually hurt
you, and you can always Are You Tuff Enuff!!! away the
Drills. The Truck is as needed.
Tim Batow The Truck is a okay card, but not really useable. If you really want a
non-combat, non-combat removal, Don’t You Just Hate that is a better choice, and even DYJHT doesn’t really deserve a slot in any non-Dragonball deck. If Dragonball gets really big like it did during Nationals time last year, then throwing The Truck into your Dragonball deck to counter other Dball decks isn’t too bad of an Idea. Because you have so many other non-combat removers (DYJHT, DAFTW, Blue Betrayal/Orange Staredown), the opponent would have trouble deciding what to name with their Caught off Guard Drill. The Truck
also works in a Goku Lv.5 WG/Gokus Farewell/Surprise Hit deck, but those aren’t really the slightest bit competitive anyway.

Standard 2.3/5
Tuff Enuff 1.8 /5

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