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Orange Rapid Attack

Frieza Saga


Reviewed Feb xx, 2003


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Jesse Zeller
Orange Rapid Attack--

What a nice card. Score is obviously pushing toward Orange to learn the power of anger, and this card is quite the card. It's a good card. Orange anger beatdown may rear its ugly face in Babadi saga with the advent of all these anger raising cards. But I have other plans for this.

Both - 3/5

Orange Rapid Attack

Here's the Orange Sensei Deck only card, incase you haven't seen the entire set yet every style got a Sensei deck only card that's really, really good. I personally don't think the Orange one to be that great compare to the others but it's still a must for just about every Orange Physical beats deck. With the World Games Mastery it turns into two Physicals doing +5 power stages, that can gain you anger and prevent stages. Great if you ask me.

Standard 2.5
Tuff Enuff 2

Orange Rapid Attack - Babidi Saga Rare

Lots of new sensei only colored cards are in this new set and they are pretty good and make you really wanna play them. Orange rapid attack is pretty nice. It does +3 life cards that cant be prevented then for the rest of the combat all physicals against you are prevented by 2 power stages and all your physical attacks gain raise your anger 1. Pretty nice. Android 20 ally deck rings a bell. Not that many anger cards so tossing in 3 of these then doing something like majin vegeta's frantic attack to gain at least 2 anger per attack. Babidi saga is looking pretty nice so far. Ive seen alot of the cards at regionals and android ally decks are probably gonna be one of the newest things. Anyway, this card is pretty good for gaining anger for free really. Though its sensei deck only its still worth tossing in.

Rating 3.0


DeQuan Watson
Friday - Orange Rapid Attack

I'm biased here as I like orange decks.  This card is pretty damn good.  It's great for orange physical decks.  It's +3 life cards.  That's great and all, but the real kicker is that it prevents two stages from all your opponents physical attacks.  What makes this seven better though is that all of your physicals will now allow you to gain an anger and can't be prevented.  This is a great card for orange.  I think several cards in this set are going to hurt physical decks and bit and will probably focus a bit more on energy attacks, but we will see what affect they have on tournament play.  This card is a rare, so it should keep the madness down a bit.

Rating - 4
Reals Orange Rapid Attack. Hmm, not a bad card. Work good with Orange Haulting Drill or Ginyu Force. Not bad.. 3/5


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